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Pretty and Polished Thyme and Time Again and Indigo Bananas Olive Time and Space

Today I have two polishes with “time” in the name to show you. Pretty and Polished Thyme and Time Again is from the dusty creme collection which all have tiny grey speckles throughout. Indigo Bananas Olive Time and Space is a dark olive green from their Fall 2015 holo collection. 


I used two coats plus top coat for each polish. All photos are with flash. 




I added some (almost invisible) stamping on Thyme and Time Again using Olive Time and Space to stamp and an image of an asparagus tip from MoYou London plate Cookbook 14. Love the asparagus image! But should have used colours that contrast better! Ah well, nice and subtle and helps to hide the crooked stamping. πŸ˜‰





Autumn stamping

I had better share this fall-themed manicure before the snow flies, which fortunately hasn’t happened yet here!


The base for this mani was Emily de Molly Copper Patina and Femme Fatale Infamous Riddle. 


Copper Patina is a turquoise creme with pink-to-gold duochrome shimmer. I used two coats plus top coat. 


Infamous Riddle is an olive-leaning green jelly with strong red-to-gold duochrome shimmer. I used three coats plus top coat for this one. 


I really love both of these polishes!



I stamped fall leaves and trees on them using Kleancolor’s Metallic Orange, Metallic Mango, and Metallic Brown. 


The plates used were Bundle Monster BM-04, Hehe 048, and Born Pretty BPL-015 for the tree. 


So happy with how these turned out! Here are approximately a zillion more photos, heheh. πŸ˜‰










Sparitual Nomad

This gorgeous beauty is SpaRitual Nomad, a complex duochrome-fleck shimmer that dries to a satin-matte finish and has an olive base with copper-pink-to-green shifting shimmer flecks, sometimes giving it a more brown or coppery overall look, sometimes more green. I used two coats, no top coat. The formula was great and dried quickly.







I then added topcoat to see how it would look shiny (looks amazing, of course!), and did an accent nail using Nubar Wildlife on my ring finger. Wildlife is basically the smooth metallic counterpart to Nomad; the colours and their shift are very similar! I also used two coats for Wildlife, no top coat. Love both of these!








Different Dimension Luminosity and Light Year

Now, let me start by saying that I totally blame Sandra of Finger Candy for my purchasing Different Dimension’s Luminosity, since I just had to buy it after she shared photos of it some months ago. Adding Light Year and *ahem* several more of its sibling polishes to my order, well, I guess that’s all on me! πŸ˜‰


Luminosity is a mauve-leaning pinky purple with lots of gold glass fleck, my kind of polish! (Hence, why I bought most of the other similar glass-flecked polishes from that collection, too!) I used three coats plus topcoat here (although the third probably wasn’t strictly necessary).




Light Year is one of the other polishes I got; it’s a dusty olive/sage green with the same gold glass-fleck shimmer. I also used three coats plus top coat here.





Love these! And I should really get around to wearing the others I got from the collection…

Maya Cosmetics Hex and Pretty Serious Martian Sea

I have some swatches and manis from last year that I still haven’t posted; here is one of them! Shown under Ott Lite:


The olive green is Hex from the now-defunct Maya Cosmetics, and the orangey-brown brick colour is Pretty Serious Martian Sea. Two coats each. Sunlight:




They both have great colour-shifting shimmer, especially Martian Sea which shifts from gold through to blue at an extreme angle. Ott lite:







I thought these two went together really well!

Indigo Bananas Hallucinate

Hallucinate is one of the duochrome holos by Indigo Bananas, and I think my favourite of the ones I’ve tried. It’s my kind of colour combination, love it!

Indigo Bananas Hallucinate

The base colour is a golden bronze shade and it has metallic green duochrome shimmer that shifts to pink at extreme angles. Shown above with flash, and the other photos are under my Ott Lite.

Indigo Bananas Hallucinate

Shown are three coats, although you could probably get away with two. The formula was smooth and problem-free and the polish dries quite quickly like most metallic-based holos.

Indigo Bananas Hallucinate

The overall look is often olive green.


At an extreme angle, the coppery-pink side of the duochrome really shows:


Some Random Pics

A few random manis from various points over the past year or so!

Pretty and Polished Phoenix over Joe Fresh Mustard:


China Glaze Trendsetter with foily gradient accent – the green is Nicole by OPI My Favourite Gold over Brilliant Idea, and the gold is either Orly Glitz & Glamour or OPI Goldeneye, I don’t remember…

China Glaze Trendsetter with lime/gold foily accent

China Glaze Trendsetter with lime/gold foily accent

Soulstice Spa Crete… I still don’t like silver on me!

Soulstice Crete

Soulstice Crete

Soulstice Crete

From the Vault

I still have some really old photos from when I started blogging, so I thought I would post them in a few installments!

This first one is a fall mani that I really loved! Thumb to pinkie: Finger Paints Sketchy Character, a mustard yellow frankenpolish, Kleancolor Fashionista, China Glaze Brownstone, Joe Fresh Pumpkin. The glitter gradient over everything was done with Nubar Lime Green Glitter and Orange Glitter.


Next, Orly Wild Wisteria with China Glaze Brownstone accent:


I’ll finish up this first vault post with swatches of the creme half of the Color Club Back to Boho collection, along with a couple of layering combos using them.

Shabby Drab:


With Color Club Jingle Jangle overtop:


Color Club Earthy Angel:



Color Club New Bohemian:



Color Club Nomadic in Nude:



Color Club Rad Nomad:



Color Club Red-ical Gypsy – gotta say, the stereotypical gypsy-themed polish names just make me think of cultural appropriation… This is a nice red though, and look! An appearance from my little Thor!



With an accent of Cult Nails Hypnotize Me and Nubar V matte top coat:



LA Splash Komodo Dragon

Hi all, if anyone’s reading πŸ˜‰ Back from my hiatus and going to try to start posting regularly again. πŸ™‚

The polish I have on today isn’t new, but I think it was way before its time! This is totally a pre-texture craze texture polish! It’s Komodo Dragon by LA Splash (the bottle says Kamodo Dragon, but that just looks so wrong…)
These first two photos are under a halogen light (actually I think it might be a compact-fluorescent imitation of halogen, but anyway…)

LA Splash Komodo Dragon - halogen lamp

It’s a matte, metallic olive green with gold and green fine glitter that dries to a rough bumpy texture. This is two coats over a ridge filling basecoat. I didn’t have any trouble with application, although it’s quite a thick polish and it’s best to wait a few minutes between coats to let it fully dry. One coat was almost enough; maybe if I’d loaded up the brush with more polish I would have stopped there.

LA Splash Komodo Dragon - halogen lamp

I remember seeing a swatch stick of this on a blog at some point, and the blogger’s review of it was basically, “wtf is this, it’s muddy olive green, it’s not shiny at all, the glitter isn’t very sparkly, and it dries all bumpy! gross!” Heheh. But nowadays it seems to fit right in with all the textured polishes popping up recently.

Next photo is in overcast natural light:

LA Splash Komodo Dragon - overcast natural light

Unfortunately there’s no sun here today. These last two photos are with flash:

LA Splash Komodo Dragon - with flash

LA Splash Komodo Dragon - with flash

I personally think this polish is pretty cool, after all! πŸ˜€

A-England Princess Sabra

Today I have another lovely holo from A-England’s Legend collection to show you!

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)

Princess Sabra is a light golden-green olive shade. It also has some very fine golden shimmer in the base, which you can see in some of the photos (especially in the bottle of the above photo!).

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)

I used 3 coats, but the third was only because I smudged the polish before I could take photos, so I had to add an extra layer to cover it up. Otherwise two coats would have been perfectly fine.

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)

Like the two other A-Englands I have, this one has a great formula and dries very quickly.

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)

Not much more to say; it’s pretty much perfect!

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)

The full name of this polish is “Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)”, Tristam being the name of the creator’s cat. It does look like yellow-green cat’s eyes! πŸ™‚

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)