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Indigo Bananas Hallucinate

Hallucinate is one of the duochrome holos by Indigo Bananas, and I think my favourite of the ones I’ve tried. It’s my kind of colour combination, love it!

Indigo Bananas Hallucinate

The base colour is a golden bronze shade and it has metallic green duochrome shimmer that shifts to pink at extreme angles. Shown above with flash, and the other photos are under my Ott Lite.

Indigo Bananas Hallucinate

Shown are three coats, although you could probably get away with two. The formula was smooth and problem-free and the polish dries quite quickly like most metallic-based holos.

Indigo Bananas Hallucinate

The overall look is often olive green.


At an extreme angle, the coppery-pink side of the duochrome really shows:



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