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Kunimitsu Nail Potions Classic Tabby layered over Milani Teddy-Bare

March Fo(u)rth and conquer! Today I’ve got another cat-themed Kunimitsu polish to show you – Classic Tabby!


This is two coats of Classic Tabby, a clear-based glitter topper, over Milani Teddy-Bare. The cat stamp on my thumb is from plate HB49 and is done with Kleancolor Black.


I used three coats of Teddy-Bare as the base, as I found the polish to be a bit thin and runny. Here it is on its own before the topper, but note that the first two photos are the most colour accurate – it’s definitely a taupe brown, not a chocolate brown as it appears in the rest of the photos. Sorry about that, the rest of them were taken in late-afternoon sunlight whereas the two above were taken the following day around midday.


Kunimitsu Classic Tabby contains various sizes of metallic brown, metallic burgundy, and matte black hex glitter, as well as tiny matte black bars (“hairy” glitter, very appropriate for the cat theme haha).


I didn’t have any trouble with placing the glitter, it spread quite nicely, even the tiny bars which I was worried might all line up in the same direction, but that didn’t seem to be the case!


Now, he isn’t technically a “classic” tabby (just stripes instead of swirls/”bull’s eye” pattern, so he’s a “mackerel tabby”), but this polish and layering combo makes me think of my handsome Wilbur:



We do have a true classic tabby in our clowder also – beautiful Seymour is a classic tabby but with white as well:


Look at his adorable toe pads! ❤



Happy Halloween! with Zoya Dhara

Happy Halloween! 😀

Zoya Dhara with topcoat under Ott Lite

Here’s my Halloween mani, featuring Zoya Dhara, my black and white glitter franken, and black cats! (In that first picture the bottle I’m holding is Beatrix, not Dhara, because I grabbed the wrong one!)

Zoya Dhara with topcoat and flash

Here are some photos of Dhara before the additions. Zoya Dhara is a deep orange texture polish with gold glitter, from the fall 2013 Pixie Dust collection.

Zoya Dhara in overcast light

This is just one coat! I’m really glad I got this polish, it’s awesome!

Zoya Dhara in overcast light

Zoya Dhara in overcast light

I had some sun during the late afternoon so I went outside to get sun photos with my phone camera:

Zoya Dhara in sun

Zoya Dhara in sun

As mentioned, the black and white glitter I added to most of the nails is my own frankenpolish. On the ring finger, I first used a layer of topcoat to smooth out the texture, and then stamped a black cat using Kleancolor Black and stamping plate HB49, which is made by HB Nails and has a bunch of cat designs. I ordered the plate from Amazon UK, not sure if it’s still available there.

Zoya Dhara with topcoat and flash

Finally, a blurry shot to show all the sparkle that topcoat brings out in Dhara!

Zoya Dhara with topcoat and flash