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Hi all, if anyone’s reading 😉 Back from my hiatus and going to try to start posting regularly again. 🙂

The polish I have on today isn’t new, but I think it was way before its time! This is totally a pre-texture craze texture polish! It’s Komodo Dragon by LA Splash (the bottle says Kamodo Dragon, but that just looks so wrong…)
These first two photos are under a halogen light (actually I think it might be a compact-fluorescent imitation of halogen, but anyway…)

LA Splash Komodo Dragon - halogen lamp

It’s a matte, metallic olive green with gold and green fine glitter that dries to a rough bumpy texture. This is two coats over a ridge filling basecoat. I didn’t have any trouble with application, although it’s quite a thick polish and it’s best to wait a few minutes between coats to let it fully dry. One coat was almost enough; maybe if I’d loaded up the brush with more polish I would have stopped there.

LA Splash Komodo Dragon - halogen lamp

I remember seeing a swatch stick of this on a blog at some point, and the blogger’s review of it was basically, “wtf is this, it’s muddy olive green, it’s not shiny at all, the glitter isn’t very sparkly, and it dries all bumpy! gross!” Heheh. But nowadays it seems to fit right in with all the textured polishes popping up recently.

Next photo is in overcast natural light:

LA Splash Komodo Dragon - overcast natural light

Unfortunately there’s no sun here today. These last two photos are with flash:

LA Splash Komodo Dragon - with flash

LA Splash Komodo Dragon - with flash

I personally think this polish is pretty cool, after all! 😀


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  1. Great to have you back 🙂

  2. Welcome back I love the premise of this blog!

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