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Happy Pi Day!

For Pi Day I stamped over A England Whispering  Waves using Hehe plate Hehe-053 and Colour Alike “a Venus”. Only had time to do a couple of nails with the Pi-themed stamping plate…



Here is Whispering Waves on its own; two coats plus top coat. 


Happy Pi Day!

A England Cathy and Jane Morris

Today I have A England Cathy and Jane Morris to show you. Cathy is a pale grey with a lavender tone, subtle holo, and blue shimmer flecks. Jane Morris is a charcoal grey holo with blue-to-purple glass fleck shimmer. 


I used two coats each plus top coat. Jane Morris is almost a one-coater. Both have great formulas! I stamped a crane on Cathy using Jane Morris and Hehe plate Hehe-048. 






Partial shade:


Under halogen light, to bring out the purple side of the shimmer in Jane Morris:


With flash:



A England Crown of Thistles, Pretty and Polished Amethyst or Am I That?, and stamping

Here’s a very purple mani combining the awesome A England Crown of Thistles with the awesome Amethyst or Am I That? from the Pretty and Polished dusty cremes collection as the accent nail. Under Ott lite:



I used teo coats of each polish plus top coat, by the way. With flash:



And then I added stamping using A Berry Smoothie by Colour Alike and my favourite stamping image everrrr from It Girl plate 101! It looks like Penrose Tiles!! Ok, it’s probably actually Penrose pseudo-tiles, I haven’t checked yet. Note to self: nobody knows what you’re talking about, math geek! 😛 Hehe. Anyway… Love this stamping image!!!




Picture Polish Tail Feather and stamping

Today I’ve got Picture Polish Tail Feather and some St. Patrick’s Day stamping!


Tail Feather has a minty, slightly yellow leaning pastel green base with very subtle scattered holo and less subtle multi-coloured glass flecks. All photos with flash except the bottle shot.


Shown in three coats, no top coat. It was a little patchy over my ridgey nails but not too bad. This next shot shows off the multi-coloured glass flecks in the bottle.


I had to add a fourth coat in the morning because silly me thought that since the polish was so shiny on its own I would leave it without topcoat and go to bed, and I woke up with sheet marks. So that’s four coats of Tail Feather underneath the stamping in the rest of the photos.


I stamped using a-England Dragon, and Bundle Monster plate BM-H05 which the folks at Nail Polish Canada sent me. Had some trouble with centring the design on my middle finger, ah well… I still like how it turned out! 🙂


Disclosure: the stamping plate in this post was provided free of charge by Nail Polish Canada.

A England Briarwood and Briar Rose

Today I have two A England polishes to show you, Briarwood and Briar Rose from the Burne-Jones Dream collection. Briarwood is a deep reddish-brown metallic based holo. Its base is more brown, but it has a metallic red shimmer to it. Briar Rose is a similar holo in a fuchsia pink shade. These are pretty much perfect in terms of formula. The photos show just one coat of each, and no top coat. I love these! Not much more to say about perfection so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

A England Briarwood

A England Briarwood

A England Briarwood

A England Briarwood

A England Briar Rose

A England Briar Rose

A England Briar Rose

A England Briar Rose

A-England Princess Sabra

Today I have another lovely holo from A-England’s Legend collection to show you!

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)

Princess Sabra is a light golden-green olive shade. It also has some very fine golden shimmer in the base, which you can see in some of the photos (especially in the bottle of the above photo!).

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)

I used 3 coats, but the third was only because I smudged the polish before I could take photos, so I had to add an extra layer to cover it up. Otherwise two coats would have been perfectly fine.

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)

Like the two other A-Englands I have, this one has a great formula and dries very quickly.

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)

Not much more to say; it’s pretty much perfect!

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)

The full name of this polish is “Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)”, Tristam being the name of the creator’s cat. It does look like yellow-green cat’s eyes! 🙂

A-England Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)

A-England Dragon

I have another amazing holo from a-England’s Legend collection to show you today! This is Dragon, a medium green scattered holo with a bit of a gold duochrome flash to it as well. Gorgeous! Like the other shades I have from this collection, Dragon’s formula is super-smooth, very easy to apply and dries very quickly. On to the photos! This is two coats, although one thick coat would probably be enough since this polish is very pigmented. Shown in full sunlight.

a-England Dragon

a-England Dragon

a-England Dragon

a-England Dragon

a-England Dragon

a-England Dragon

a-England Dragon