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Pretty Serious Pookie and stamping

Happy New Year! This beautiful, bright blue polish is Pookie from the Pretty Serious Well Meaning But Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names collection!


Two coats plus top coat, great formula! Love this unique shade of turquoise blue!


Now, Pookie is one of the nicknames  of my cat Possum – actually, The Lady-Pookie is her full nickname. Because Pookie was a nickname of one of my parents’ cats (may he rest in peace) who was an orange tabby, and Possum is also an orange tabby but a female orange tabby.  I tried to take a “my nails and my cat” pic here but she wasn’t too thrilled with the flash!


I stamped over Pookie using Kleancolor Metallic Orange and these cute little roly-poly cats that remind me of Possum, from Hehe plate Hehe-023!





Here’s Possum still at the top of that cat tree, still not looking too thrilled! 


Sometimes she likes to roll around on the floor and show off her super fluffy belly!


Nubar Affair and comparisons

Nubar Affair is a teal green jelly with lots of fine gold shimmer particles. I’d say this first (phone) photo is the most colour-accurate; the others seem slightly too blue. 


I used three coats plus top coat; as you can see there’s still a little visible nail line in certain lights. 





I did a comparison to two other similar polishes. Top to bottom in the photo below: Pretty Serious Khepri’s Amulet (two coats), Nubar Affair, NYX Jungle (four coats), Nubar Affair. 


Khepri’s Amulet is slightly greener than Affair and is more brushstokey with its frostier metallic finish. NYX Jungle is more sheer than Affair, and on the nail its gold shimmer is more distinct from the base. 

Pretty Serious Kashmir and Orly Fowl Play comparison

Kashmir by Pretty Serious was created in collaboration with blogger Christine of Serenity Nails. 


It’s a warm dark purple with lots of shimmer and red-gold-green flakies. I used two coats plus top coat and the formula was excellent. 


It looks slightly redder in real life compared to my photos, I found. In the shade:


I did a comparison to Orly Fowl Play which ended up not being as similar as I expected. 


In the bottles you can already tell they definitely aren’t dupes. 


Left to right: Orly Fowl Play, Pretty Serious Kashmir, Orly Fowl Play, Pretty Serious Kashmir. 


I used three coats (plus top coat) for Fowl Play as it has a more sheer jelly base. Fowl Play also has much more dense flakies including blue microflakies in addition to the larger red ones. Kashmir’s flakies hardly show up at all in comparison. Kashmir is also warmer/redder than Fowl Play. 


I used to also own OPI Merry Midnight, which is very very close to Fowl Play, so I’m holding a swatch stick of Merry Midnight for the last two photos (the stick has one, two and three coats of Merry Midnight going progressively up the stick). Flash:


Merry Midnight is almost the same as Fowl Play but its base is not quite as dark and so is a bit closer to the base colour of Kashmir. Shade:


Maya Cosmetics Hex and Pretty Serious Martian Sea

I have some swatches and manis from last year that I still haven’t posted; here is one of them! Shown under Ott Lite:


The olive green is Hex from the now-defunct Maya Cosmetics, and the orangey-brown brick colour is Pretty Serious Martian Sea. Two coats each. Sunlight:




They both have great colour-shifting shimmer, especially Martian Sea which shifts from gold through to blue at an extreme angle. Ott lite:







I thought these two went together really well!

Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset

Pretty Serious is a small brand from Australia that makes vegan polishes and cosmetics. I have a few of their polishes but this is the first one I’ve photographed.

Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset

Seasonal Sunset is a dark burnt orange jelly base that leans a little brown, with tons of gold and orange glitter in it. My kind of colour!

Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset

Two coats used, and the formula was great.

Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset

I love it!! And it’s quite unique; I don’t think I have anything else like it!

Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset

Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset