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Girly Bits Mint-al Precision and IndiePolish Miami Beach

 Girly Bits Mint-al Precision is a bright turquoise creme with gold iridescent microglitter and blue glass-fleck/flake-type shimmer. It dries slightly textured before topcoat. I used three coats, to cover some patchy spots, plus topcoat for this mani. 


I added one coat of IndiePolish Miami Beach on my ring fingers and thumbs. 



Miami Beach, which is unfortunately no longer available, is a matte glitter topper with large neon coral and yellow-lime satin hexes, medium yellow matte hexes, and tiny matte hot pink, yellow-lime satin, and metallic green hexes. Really like this colour combination! 




Girly Bits Protect Your Girly Bits and Man Size Love

I recently learned that Girly Bits polishes are vegan friendly and decided to try some out. Girly Bits Protect Your Girly Bits is a purple linear holo with red microglitter. Here I have it with an accent pinkie in Girly Bits Man Size Love, which looks fairly similar to Protect Your Girly Bits in the bottle, but on the nail you can see it’s much more blue than purple!


Man Size Love is a purple-leaning blue linear holo with small (not micro) light blue glitter in it. As usual you can click on any of the photos to see the larger versions.


I used two coats of each, plus topcoat. Before topcoat they both have a slight texture due to the added glitter, especially Man Size Love whose glitter is a bit larger.


Here they are in the shade:


With flash, and you can see the red microglitter in the bottle really well (I’m holding the bottle of Protect Your Girly Bits in all shots):


Again with flash:


Purpley goodness! 😀