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Zoya Tawny

This is the gorgeous Zoya Tawny, two easy coats plus top coat. Last pic is under Ott Lite, the others are in full sun. 


Madam Glam Always Together

I recently got a few soak off gel polishes from Madam Glam, including some magnetic gels! This is Always Together. They recommend using these over a black base, but I decided to do three coats alone. I used their magnet on each coat to get the gold magnetic stripe effect.


The pink sparkles have a golden duochrome effect:



On my thumb I alternated Always Together with another of their similar magnetics, Viva Drama, which has blue-to-purple sparkles (so this is four coats total, two of each polish).




I used Madam Glam’s peel off base coat under these. It works well, but I haven’t been able to get it to work for me, in the sense that I always get bubbling under it so far! It doesn’t show here since the sparkles camouflage it… Not sure yet what the issue is!

Madam Glam Caribbean Island and stamping

This turquoise beauty is Madam Glam Caribbean Island, one of their regular nail polishes. It’s similar to China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle but a little bit lighter. 

Two coats with top coat, in shade:


With flash:madamglam_caribbeanisland_flash

 I stamped using Colour Alike “b. a Fairy Forest” and “b. a Sunshine” and designs from Born Pretty plate BP-L015. 




Black Cat Lacquer Lotus Flower, Colour Alike 510, and comparison

I’ve got two swatches and a comparison to show you today! First up is Black Cat Lacquer Lotus Flower. 


This is a nearly-neon bright pink with subtle holo and heavy gold glass fleck shimmer.  


I love it so much! Two coats plus top coat, great formula. 



In the shade:


Here is the comparison, top to bottom: Lotus  Flower, Picture Polish Electric Dream, Colour Alike 510, ILNP Cutie Pop. 


Electric Dream is the most similar to Lotus Flower, but it’s less bright/neon and has larger, scattered holo flake particles. Colour Alike 510 is quite a different shade of pink and doesn’t have gold glass fleck. Cutie Pop on the other hand is a lighter, softer pink and its holo is more prominent than its glass flecks, the opposite of the Black Cat Lacquer. I used two coats plus top coat for each of them. 


Again, left to right: Black Cat Lacquer Lotus  Flower, Picture Polish Electric Dream, Colour Alike 510, ILNP Cutie Pop. 


And finally, here are swatches of Colour Alike 510. This one is also really pretty!


Two coats plus top coat, although it’s almost a one-coater. I’m going to try it for stamping as it seems like it might work well! In the shade:


And a couple more in the sun:



A England Crown of Thistles, Pretty and Polished Amethyst or Am I That?, and stamping

Here’s a very purple mani combining the awesome A England Crown of Thistles with the awesome Amethyst or Am I That? from the Pretty and Polished dusty cremes collection as the accent nail. Under Ott lite:



I used teo coats of each polish plus top coat, by the way. With flash:



And then I added stamping using A Berry Smoothie by Colour Alike and my favourite stamping image everrrr from It Girl plate 101! It looks like Penrose Tiles!! Ok, it’s probably actually Penrose pseudo-tiles, I haven’t checked yet. Note to self: nobody knows what you’re talking about, math geek! 😛 Hehe. Anyway… Love this stamping image!!!




Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

I’ve got a gorgeous duochrome from Glitter Gal to show you today! This is one of six new duochromes they recently released, and the lovely Kerry from Glitter Gal gave me the opportunity to review it (thanks, Kerry!). This one is called Buckled Bronze and it’s got a great plum-burgundy-bronze-copper colour shift!

Here it is with the box it comes in. I really like these new Glitter Gal bottles, square and solid and stylish looking – they’ve really done a nice job on their new packaging.

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

These photos are of one generous coat of Buckled Bronze over one coat of Kleancolor Black; these are sheer duochromes that show their full effect over black (or another very dark colour).

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

No topcoat here; it dries quite glossy on its own. The formula was thin and smooth, perfect for this sort of layering polish.

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

As always you can click on any of these photos to get a better view.

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

These next two photos are with flash in addition to sunlight. Head-on, the flash shows just how nearly purple this polish appears in some lights!

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

And at more of an angle, the bronze tone becomes prominent:

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

At extreme angles, the polish even shifts to gold and green. If you click on the full size version of this next photo, you can see all the little multicoloured sparkles along with the gold-green shift – love it!

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

These next few photos are in indoor light.

Indirect natural light, sorry for the weird lumpy-looking reflections:

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

Under my Ott Lite:

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

Ott Lite plus flash:

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

And here is what the polish looks like on its own – as you can see it’s definitely sheer! Left to right, one, two, three, and four coats of Buckled Bronze. The pinkie with four coats shows how the base of the polish is kind of a smokey taupe colour.

Glitter Gal Buckled Bronze

Anyway, as you may have guessed by now, this is a great polish and I love it! The colour scheme is right up my alley. This and the other five new Glitter Gal duochromes, shown in the following company promo image, are available here on their website, or from one of their international distributors listed here.

Disclosure: This polish was provided to me by the company for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

Welcome to Vegan Claws!

Hi and welcome!

My name is Jo and I’m an abolitionist vegan who loves nail polish. Colours make me happy! Since I’m vegan, I’ve done quite a bit of research into which polishes are suitable for vegans, that is, without animal ingredients and without animal testing involved in their creation. I started Vegan Claws to share this information with others, as well as to post photos and reviews of vegan nail polishes.

Nonhuman animals are sentient beings and we humans don’t need to use them for cosmetics like nail polish, nor for food, clothing, or other purposes, so if you agree that it’s wrong to unnecessarily harm an animal, I hope you will take the steps needed to put your actions into alignment with the values that you already hold. It’s easier than ever to go vegan! For more information on veganism please see my Why Veganism? pages. Need advice, help or support with respect to going vegan? Feel free to contact me at veganclaws{at}gmail{dot}com!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog! 🙂