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Zoya Isa, Aphrodite, and stamping

Zoya Isa is a great blue-toned purple with blue-to-pink duochrome glass flecks. Zoya Aphrodite is a red jelly with pink-to-gold glass flecks. I used two coats of Isa and three of Aphrodite.  

With flash:   

Under Ott lite:








I added stamping on Aphrodite using LA Girl Millennium and an image from Pueen Fancy Lover 01.





Picture Polish Paris and stamping

Picture Polish Paris is a beautiful jellyish coral pink with the signature PP scattered holo particles. Two coats plus top coat. Love this shade! With flash:



In shade:


I did a stamped accent using Misa Blueberry Blast and the damask pattern from Konad plate M83.


It didn’t really turn out as blue as I’d hoped; almost looks more grey without the Misa bottle right next to it. But I still like it! Blueberry Blast worked quite well for stamping, considering it’s a regular, pastel polish!




Picture Polish Autumn and comparisons

Since it’s the first day of fall here in the northern hemisphere, I thought it would be a good day to post Picture Polish Autumn. 


Autumn is a burnt orange jelly based scattered holo that was released this summer. I used two coats, no topcoat here. It has a smooth jelly base, leaving a little bit of visible nail line. These first two photos are with flash. 


In the shade:


I wanted to compare Autumn to LA Girl Electric Coral, another orange scattered holo jelly. Here is Electric Coral in the bottle next to Autumn.  I also added an orange Pretty and Polished shade, Crush, to the comparison. 


Thumb to pinkie in the photos below: Picture Polish Autumn, LA Girl Electric Coral, Autumn, Pretty and Polished Crush, Autumn. Each two coats plus top coat here, except for Crush which is three coats plus top coat (Crush dries slightly matte, hence the addition of top coat to everything).


The LA Girl is darker and redder with coarser/denser holo particles. Crush is totally different, much yellower and with much more subtle and finer holo particles. 





I realized I had just gotten another polish that would be good to compare to Electric Coral, that being Glitter Gal Dorothy’s Revenge. Here it is in the bottle next to Electric Coral. 


Here is the same comparison as before but with Dorothy’s Revenge instead of Crush on the ring finger. 


Left to right: LA Girl Electric Coral, Picture Polish Autumn, Glitter Gal Dorothy’s Revenge, Autumn. I used three coats of Dorothy’s Revenge (plus topcoat). 


In the bottle the Glitter Gal looks redder than the LA Girl, but on the nail it actually looks slightly oranger. The Glitter Gal is more sheer, meant to be a topper or a sheer jelly, so this makes sense. It’s kind of like a sheerer, less dense (in terms of holo particles) version of the LA Girl. They both lean more towards red/coral than the Picture Polish (as expected, given their names!). 


โค orange!


A few odds and ends

A few random things, some of them pretty old photos! In reverse chronological order…

China Glaze Metro-pollen-tin, three coats plus top coat, taken with flash. Love this yellow-orange!



IndiePolish Spring Lilac, two coats, plus two coats topcoat (the formula was a little thick so the glitters got a bit lumpy).



China Glaze Ray-diant layered over black.

OPI Do You Think I’m Tex-y with a jelly sandwich accent nail. I *think* the iridescent glitter in the jelly sandwich was Butter London Tart With a Heart but I’m not 100% positive!

OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y

OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y

OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y

OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y

And of course, I can’t post a polish with Tex in the name without posting a picture of handsome Big Tex!

Black Dahlia Lacquer Daffodil Petals

Here’s another Black Dahlia Lacquer from the first order I placed with them – Daffodil Petals. This is from their Essentials collection of basic neutral polishes.


Daffodil Petals is a pale yellow-beige toned nude jelly polish.


Shown in three coats, no topcoat. Nice and shiny and dry time was good! I found it easy to apply.


I didn’t use a ridge filling basecoat here, and it kind of shows in the photos, but it wasn’t really noticeable in person.


I really love this nude! ๐Ÿ˜€

China Glaze Spring in My Step and Valentine’s Day Stamping

Happy Valentine’s Day! This mani started out with a polish I like a lot, Spring in My Step from China Glaze.


Four coats plus top coat. The four coats are needed, but the formula is thin so it doesn’t seem too thick on the nail, and it dries super quickly. Like, quick enough that this polish and the others I have from this collection (last spring’s City Flourish) are among those I would choose when rushing to cover up naked nails before leaving for work in the morning! I know a lot of people hated the formula of the pastels in that collection, but I loved it!


I then added some stamping using Bundle Monster plates BM-H16 and BM-H17. I received both of these plates as gifts from the people at Nail Polish Canada, H16 last year and H17 this year. I think they send them out to regular customers or something. Thanks NPC! ๐Ÿ™‚


The polishes I used for stamping were Kleancolor Iridescent Fuchsia (which is a ridiculous name as it’s not in any way iridescent, it’s a straight creme polish!) and Red Alert. Someday I hope I’ll get the hang of stamping so that the whole images will transfer without gaps and smudges ๐Ÿ˜‰


I coloured in a few of the stamps using OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston, a coral pink jelly polish.


Here’s a close up of the thumb stamp, since it didn’t show up very well in the other photos.


And here’s the right hand – here, I coloured in some of the stamps using OPI Houston We Have a Purple, another jelly from the Texas collection.


Disclosure: the stamping plates used in this manicure were provided free of charge by Nail Polish Canada.

LA Girl Teal Dimension

LA Girl Teal Dimension is from their awesome 3D Hologram collection of jelly-based scattered holos (these are true scattered holos with smooth particles). Two coats. Unfortunately not the greatest photos – all in artificial light, some with, some without flash.







OPI Zom-body to Love and LA Girl Synergy

Haven’t had much time to edit photos and posts lately… How about another green?

OPI Zom-body to Love and LA Girl Synergy

This is a manicure I did a couple weeks ago using the glow-in-the-dark OPI Zom-body to Love, which was released for Halloween 2011, and LA Girl Glitter Addict in Synergy sandwiched on the accent nail.

OPI Zom-body to Love and LA Girl Synergy

Three coats of the OPI (which dries super fast due to all the glow-in-the-dark pigment, by the way), and the LA Girl glitter is sandwiched between coats two and three on my ring finger. Plus top coat, as the glow-in-the-dark also dries quite matte and slightly gritty.

OPI Zom-body to Love and LA Girl Synergy

Authority Cosmetics Swatches and Review

Today I have four polishes to show you from the relatively-new brand of vegan polishes, Authority Cosmetics. Two cremes, a slight duochrome shimmer, and a glitter topper – let’s get started with the swatches, shall we? ๐Ÿ˜€

Authority Cosmetics Disco

This great lime green creme is Disco. I used two coats.

Authority Cosmetics Disco

The formula was thick and pigmented and went on without streaks; I was really impressed!

Authority Cosmetics Disco

The glitter topper, I Heart You, has a clear pink base and is filled with small iridescent glitter and pink and red heart-shaped glitter. I applied one thick coat over Disco and wasn’t sure if it would work out with the green and pink layered, but it turned into a really great olive green shade! I think it actually ended up being my favourite combo with I Heart You! A couple of swirls of the brush generally brought out 1-3 hearts from the bottle without trouble, and there was a little placement of hearts involved to get them distributed evenly on the nail.

Authority Cosmetics Disco and I Heart You

The second shade, Paradise, is a medium bright blue creme, also thick and pigmented like Disco. In fact, this swatch shows just one thick coat.

Authority Cosmetics Paradise

I probably should have done two thinner coats instead of one thick, since I ended up getting a few tiny bubbles as it dried, but I wanted to see if it covered in a single layer.

Authority Cosmetics Paradise

The sun had gone away so this next pic is under the Ott lite:

Authority Cosmetics Paradise

Here is one coat of I Heart You over Paradise, turning it a dusty periwinkle. Sorry for the little bald spots in the glitter; I didn’t notice until I took the photos!

Authority Cosmetics Paradise with I Heart You

Authority Cosmetics Paradise with I Heart You

Last but certainly not least, the duochrome, Emerald Sky. This is a shimmery green-teal-blue subtle duochrome in a smoky, slightly blue-purple base! (These first photos in natural light are a little too blue, and the later ones under Ott and halogen light are more colour accurate.)

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky

The base is sheer to let the shimmer show through, and the formula is thinner than the other polishes. It builds to a nice glowy colour in just two coats though, which is what is shown here.

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky

Under Ott Lite:

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky

With flash:

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky

Here it is again under Ott lite, with a layer of I Heart You on the ring finger:

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky with I Heart You

I also did a comparison with one coat over black versus two coats alone (bottom to top in the photos).

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky alone and over black

Applying over black makes the look more opaque and dark, but doesn’t really change much about the colour shift. At an extreme angle, you can see the shimmer shifts more to blue.

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky alone and over black

This last photo is under halogen light.

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky alone and over black

Authority Cosmetics is available on their website here. They have just 10 colours so far, but if they’re all like the ones I’ve reviewed here, the quality is great! I have to say I am impressed with these! ๐Ÿ™‚

Disclosure: The polishes in this post were provided for review. Opinions expressed are my own honest opinions.

LA Girl Sparkle Ruby

Time for a quick post! LA Girl Sparkle Ruby is a deep berry red jelly-based scattered holo. I used two coats, and the formula was great!

LA Girl Sparkle Ruby

LA Girl Sparkle Ruby

LA Girl Sparkle Ruby

LA Girl Sparkle Ruby