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Madam Glam Always Together

I recently got a few soak off gel polishes from Madam Glam, including some magnetic gels! This is Always Together. They recommend using these over a black base, but I decided to do three coats alone. I used their magnet on each coat to get the gold magnetic stripe effect.


The pink sparkles have a golden duochrome effect:



On my thumb I alternated Always Together with another of their similar magnetics, Viva Drama, which has blue-to-purple sparkles (so this is four coats total, two of each polish).




I used Madam Glam’s peel off base coat under these. It works well, but I haven’t been able to get it to work for me, in the sense that I always get bubbling under it so far! It doesn’t show here since the sparkles camouflage it… Not sure yet what the issue is!

Zoya Rowan and Different Dimension Solar Flares

Zoya Rowan is a greyish taupe in Zoya’s satin matte finish. I used two coats without top coat here. 


The formula was great, although the ridges in my nails tend to show through this finish!



After the swatch I added a couple of accent nails in Different Dimension Solar Flares, a slightly browner taupe creme with colour-shifting magenta/pink to gold flakes. 


I used three coats of Solar Flares, no top coat, for these photos. 



I then added top coat to both polishes, using my new favourite top coat HK Girl by Glisten & Glow. Dries fast and works great over nail art, though it isn’t big-3 free for those who are concerned about that. 



I also wanted to compare Rowan to Orly Faint of Heart. Here is the comparison – Zoya on my index finger, Orly on my middle finger. I used two coats plus top coat of Faint of Heart. 


Faint of Heart is greyer, slightly darker, and when you look at it very close up, it has a ton of tiny specks of pigment in it, kind of like a much more subtle version of the Pretty and Polished Dusty Cremes finish. Again, left to right, Zoya Rowan and Orly Faint of Heart:


Reverse order, left to right, Orly Faint of Heart and Zoya Rowan:


Sparitual Nomad

This gorgeous beauty is SpaRitual Nomad, a complex duochrome-fleck shimmer that dries to a satin-matte finish and has an olive base with copper-pink-to-green shifting shimmer flecks, sometimes giving it a more brown or coppery overall look, sometimes more green. I used two coats, no top coat. The formula was great and dried quickly.







I then added topcoat to see how it would look shiny (looks amazing, of course!), and did an accent nail using Nubar Wildlife on my ring finger. Wildlife is basically the smooth metallic counterpart to Nomad; the colours and their shift are very similar! I also used two coats for Wildlife, no top coat. Love both of these!








Black Dahlia Lacquer Capital Rose Garden

Black Dahlia Lacquer Capital Rose Garden is a wonderfully complex dusty rose scattered holo with pink-purple-blue colour-shifting shimmer flecks. It’s part of their Capital collection. blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_ott2 These first two photos were taken under Ott Lite. I used two coats plus top coat; no issues at all with the formula. I found the colour-shifting flecks to be even more apparent in real life than I was able to capture in these photos. blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_ott Under halogen light: blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_halogen2 blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_halogen With flash: blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_flash In shade: blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_shade I love this delicate and complex shade!

Maya Cosmetics Hex and Pretty Serious Martian Sea

I have some swatches and manis from last year that I still haven’t posted; here is one of them! Shown under Ott Lite:


The olive green is Hex from the now-defunct Maya Cosmetics, and the orangey-brown brick colour is Pretty Serious Martian Sea. Two coats each. Sunlight:




They both have great colour-shifting shimmer, especially Martian Sea which shifts from gold through to blue at an extreme angle. Ott lite:







I thought these two went together really well!

OPI La Boheme

OPI La Boheme is a hard-to-find polish from the 2003 Holiday on Broadway collection by OPI, and is also pretty much my favourite polish ever. Most of the photos are with Ott Lite; a couple where noted are with flash.


It’s a deep burgundy-red with sparkly colour-shifting pigment that goes from red to gold to green.


I wore this polish when I got married. 🙂


I’m not sure whether this was two or three coats. These photos were taken a while ago and I don’t seem to have written it down, at least not in my usual notebook…



It can look very different in different lighting. With flash the purple-ish side comes out:


The rest of the photos show one coat layered over black for maximum multichrome colour-shifting goodness.



With flash, again bringing out more purple:






How much do I love this polish? Well, I even have a backup bottle, and purchased both of them at crazy ebay prices. I still think it was worth it. No regrets for this one!! 😀

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Happy New Year!! Today I have an awesome Indigo Bananas duochrome to show you! Fiery the Angels Fell is a glass-fleck polish that shifts between red and orange with a little fuchsia and gold in there too. It also looks to me like there are some very, very fine holo specs throughout the polish!

I used two coats (plus top coat) and found the formula smooth and thick, with very dense glass fleck. On the accent nail I used one coat over black, and as you can see I did have a little trouble with the thickness there; I wasn’t able to apply a thin even coat. So I think if I use it over black again I’ll add a little thinner first, or do one thick coat instead of trying to do a thin one.

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell

Beautiful, beautiful polish! Warm halogen light shows off the orange side of the polish:

Indigo Bananas Fiery the Angels Fell