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Different Dimension Luminosity and Light Year

Now, let me start by saying that I totally blame Sandra of Finger Candy for my purchasing Different Dimension’s Luminosity, since I just had to buy it after she shared photos of it some months ago. Adding Light Year and *ahem* several more of its sibling polishes to my order, well, I guess that’s all on me! 😉


Luminosity is a mauve-leaning pinky purple with lots of gold glass fleck, my kind of polish! (Hence, why I bought most of the other similar glass-flecked polishes from that collection, too!) I used three coats plus topcoat here (although the third probably wasn’t strictly necessary).




Light Year is one of the other polishes I got; it’s a dusty olive/sage green with the same gold glass-fleck shimmer. I also used three coats plus top coat here.





Love these! And I should really get around to wearing the others I got from the collection…


Sally Girl TTFN and comparisons

If you’ve been to a Sally Beauty Supply store lately you may have noticed that they have five new shades in their Sally Girl line of mini nail polishes. I got a couple of the new ones, including this one called TTFN. And guess what, these new ones actually show the names on the bottles! At the top right of the little sticker along the side. No more cross-referencing the 6-digit number on the sally.com site to try to figure out what the polish’s name is, haha!

Sally Girl TTFN

Sally Girl TTFN

Two coats of TTFN. It was a little streaky on the first coat, but a second thicker coat evened everything out. Colour-wise, this slightly dusty, minty sage green is in between Orly Ancient Jade (which is a tiny bit deeper and brighter), and Misa Catch a Flick (which is a little lighter), as the following photo shows (top to bottom, Catch a Flick, TTFN, Ancient Jade).

Orly Ancient Jade, Sally Girl TTFN, Misa Catch a Flick

In terms of formula, Ancient Jade had a formula that was thinner than TTFN but was also more pigmented and opaque. Catch a Flick had a formula similar to TTFN, a little streaky on the first coat but evening up at the second.

I also compared a couple of other colours for reference. Thumb to pinky, NYX Girls Algae, much darker and bluer, Orly Ancient Jade, Sally Girl TTFN, Misa Catch a Flick, and Nubar Vogue Vert, lighter and more of a dusty yellow-based sage.

NYX Girls Algae, Orly Ancient Jade, Sally Girl TTFN, Misa Catch a Flick, Nubar Vogue Vert

NYX Girls Algae, Orly Ancient Jade, Sally Girl TTFN, Misa Catch a Flick, Nubar Vogue Vert