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Now, let me start by saying that I totally blame Sandra of Finger Candy for my purchasing Different Dimension’s Luminosity, since I just had to buy it after she shared photos of it some months ago. Adding Light Year and *ahem* several more of its sibling polishes to my order, well, I guess that’s all on me! 😉


Luminosity is a mauve-leaning pinky purple with lots of gold glass fleck, my kind of polish! (Hence, why I bought most of the other similar glass-flecked polishes from that collection, too!) I used three coats plus topcoat here (although the third probably wasn’t strictly necessary).




Light Year is one of the other polishes I got; it’s a dusty olive/sage green with the same gold glass-fleck shimmer. I also used three coats plus top coat here.





Love these! And I should really get around to wearing the others I got from the collection…


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  1. Looks good! Always glad to be an enabler. 🙂

  2. I love these colors please share your others. where can these be purchased? are they vegan/ 5 free?

    • They’re from Different Dimension’s online store. Everything I post is vegan… not sure if they’re 5-free but I’m sure that info will be in their store (definitely are 3-free, at least)

    • Here is the link to the store http://differentdimensionpolish.bigcartel.com/ but unfortunately it looks like they’ve closed it for a few days while at the Cosmoprof conference, but if you check back later, it looks like they do have the full ingredients list (it comes up in google search but I can only see the first few ingredients in the little preview while the store is closed… so I can’t tell if there’s any formaldehyde resin or camphor in the list or not). 🙂

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