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Zoya Rowan and Different Dimension Solar Flares

Zoya Rowan is a greyish taupe in Zoya’s satin matte finish. I used two coats without top coat here. 


The formula was great, although the ridges in my nails tend to show through this finish!



After the swatch I added a couple of accent nails in Different Dimension Solar Flares, a slightly browner taupe creme with colour-shifting magenta/pink to gold flakes. 


I used three coats of Solar Flares, no top coat, for these photos. 



I then added top coat to both polishes, using my new favourite top coat HK Girl by Glisten & Glow. Dries fast and works great over nail art, though it isn’t big-3 free for those who are concerned about that. 



I also wanted to compare Rowan to Orly Faint of Heart. Here is the comparison – Zoya on my index finger, Orly on my middle finger. I used two coats plus top coat of Faint of Heart. 


Faint of Heart is greyer, slightly darker, and when you look at it very close up, it has a ton of tiny specks of pigment in it, kind of like a much more subtle version of the Pretty and Polished Dusty Cremes finish. Again, left to right, Zoya Rowan and Orly Faint of Heart:


Reverse order, left to right, Orly Faint of Heart and Zoya Rowan:


Black Dahlia Lacquer New Dawn and comparison

This pretty light rosy taupe nude shade is Black Dahlia Lacquer New Dawn. 


It’s full of holo microglitter, turquoise glass fleck, and pink-purple-blue shifting microflakies. 


I used two coats plus top coat. 


In the shade:


I did a comparison with a couple of polishes that aren’t really that close, heheh. Index finger is Ruby White Tips Kim and ring finger is Maya Cosmetics Vintage. 

rubywhitetipskim_blackdahlianewdawn_mayavintage2 (Top to bottom: RWT Kim, BDL New Dawn, Maya Vintage, BDL New Dawn)

Kim is pinker and has very subtle scattered holo particles (not microglitter like New Dawn). Vintage is a much darker dusty rose-mauve and also has holo particles as opposed to microglitter. 

rubywhitetipskim_blackdahlianewdawn_mayavintage (Left to right: RWT Kim, BDL New Dawn, Maya Vintage, BDL New Dawn)

Edit: Laura of Ruby White Tips has commented below that she’s currently got a 20% off code good for all Ruby White Tips polishes, please scroll down to the comments for the code and link to her store if you’re interested in Kim or any of her other polishes. You can see some of her other shades that I’ve posted about before by checking out my brand Category “Ruby White Tips”. ­čÖé

Echoes Polish Now You See Me and stamping

Echoes Polish is a Canadian indie that makes all vegan friendly polishes and is most well-known for their thermal polishes. Today I have Now You See Me to show you. When cold, it’s a dusty sage green colour, and it has beautiful green glass flecks throughout. Shown are three coats plus topcoat.



I had a couple of helpers while swatching ­čÖé – Thor:



and Seymour:echoespolish_nowyouseeme_seymour

When warm, Now You See Me changes to a taupe-beige colour, making the green glass flecks really stand out. The shade was inspired by camouflage print. Here it is in transition and fully warm:






I decided to stamp it with a wavy stripe pattern from Hehe stamping plate Hehe-029, using China Glaze Con-fused (the green magnetic). Cold state, in the shade:


With flash:



Mostly warm, with flash:




Il ├ętait un vernis Something to Remember

Something to Remember by Il ├ętait un vernis is a taupe-leaning purple scattered holo with pink shimmer that is hard to capture in photos. It does show in these photos, but it’s much more apparent and complex-looking in real life!


I used two coats plus top coat. The formula was excellent, as with the other Il ├ętait un vernis shades I’ve tried so far.  






Under Ott lite:


Again under Ott lite, showing the shimmer on the side of the bottle:


And at an extreme angle back in the sunlight, the shimmer looks to have a bit of a duochrome aspect to it:


Glitter Gal Suede and stamped accents

Today I’m wearing Glitter Gal Suede, a great creme-based taupe brown holo.


Two easy coats plus top coat shown here, with flash.



Under Ott Lite:



This is actually the second day I’m wearing this mani, and I got a couple of chipped nails on my right hand while doing some chores last night, so I decided to repaint those nails with a matching creme polish, Finger Paints Haute Taupe (2 coats although it’s almost a one-coater), and added stamping using Color Club Sugar Rays and an image from Messy Mansion MM13. With flash:


Sugar Rays is a pale silvery taupe shimmer with pink-gold duochrome that works quite well for stamping! Under Ott Lite:


Edited to add: I was thinking that Haute Taupe reminded me a lot of something else I wore recently, Milani Teddy-Bare, so I did this quick comparison. Milani Teddy-Bare is on my index, FingerPaints Haute Taupe on my middle finger (Glitter Gal Suede on my ring and pinky, of course). Both were two coats – when I wore the Milani as a mani, I needed three coats and found the formula thin, but it must have had something to do with the weather or something, because that wasn’t the case when I did the comparison! Anyway, as you can see they are similar but Haute Taupe is significantly warmer toned.


Kunimitsu Nail Potions Classic Tabby layered over Milani Teddy-Bare

March Fo(u)rth and conquer! Today I’ve got another cat-themed Kunimitsu polish to show you – Classic Tabby!


This is two coats of Classic Tabby, a clear-based glitter topper, over Milani Teddy-Bare. The cat stamp on my thumb is from plate HB49 and is done with Kleancolor Black.


I used three coats of Teddy-Bare as the base, as I found the polish to be a bit thin and runny. Here it is on its own before the topper, but note that the first two photos are the most colour accurate – it’s definitely a taupe brown, not a chocolate brown as it appears in the rest of the photos. Sorry about that, the rest of them were taken in late-afternoon sunlight whereas the two above were taken the following day around midday.


Kunimitsu Classic Tabby contains various sizes of metallic brown, metallic burgundy, and matte black hex glitter, as well as tiny matte black bars (“hairy” glitter, very appropriate for the cat theme haha).


I didn’t have any trouble with placing the glitter, it spread quite nicely, even the tiny bars which I was worried might all line up in the same direction, but that didn’t seem to be the case!


Now, he isn’t technically a “classic” tabby (just stripes instead of swirls/”bull’s eye” pattern, so he’s a “mackerel tabby”), but this polish and layering combo makes me think of my handsome Wilbur:




We do have a true classic tabby in our clowder also – beautiful Seymour is a classic tabby but with white as well:


Look at his adorable toe pads! ÔŁĄ


Maya Cosmetics Turbo Classy

This lovely beige/taupe/nude polish is Turbo Classy by Maya Cosmetics! It’s a creme base with plenty of subtle shimmer in it. I used two coats plus top coat here; the formula was smooth and easy to apply.

Under halogen light:
Maya Cosmetics Turbo Classy

Overcast natural light:
Maya Cosmetics Turbo Classy

With flash:
Maya Cosmetics Turbo Classy

And again with halogen light:
Maya Cosmetics Turbo Classy