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Zoya Gretchen and Femme Fatale Heart’s Desires

Zoya Gretchen is a nude-ish brownish dusty rose kind of colour that I applied here in two coats (plus top coat). The accent nail is two coats of Femme Fatale Heart’s Desires, a very unique mauve-ish dusty rose base filled with red-gold-green flakies and tiny red holo microglitter sparks. Photos with flash. 




The next day I added two coats of Heart’s Desires overtop of Gretchen and stamped on the accent nail using Kleancolor Metallic Green and an image from Hehe-024. The combo of Heart’s Desires plus green made the accent nail look kind of orange overall!




Here’s the reason I bought Zoya Gretchen – former feral kitty Gretchen! She’s a torbie (brown tabby with some orange tabby patches), although it doesn’t really show in these photos.   


Gretchen actually doesn’t really get along very well with a lot of the cats, but there are a few she likes. Here she is cuddled up and spooning with Tex! <3<3<3



Black Dahlia Lacquer New Dawn and comparison

This pretty light rosy taupe nude shade is Black Dahlia Lacquer New Dawn. 


It’s full of holo microglitter, turquoise glass fleck, and pink-purple-blue shifting microflakies. 


I used two coats plus top coat. 


In the shade:


I did a comparison with a couple of polishes that aren’t really that close, heheh. Index finger is Ruby White Tips Kim and ring finger is Maya Cosmetics Vintage. 

rubywhitetipskim_blackdahlianewdawn_mayavintage2 (Top to bottom: RWT Kim, BDL New Dawn, Maya Vintage, BDL New Dawn)

Kim is pinker and has very subtle scattered holo particles (not microglitter like New Dawn). Vintage is a much darker dusty rose-mauve and also has holo particles as opposed to microglitter. 

rubywhitetipskim_blackdahlianewdawn_mayavintage (Left to right: RWT Kim, BDL New Dawn, Maya Vintage, BDL New Dawn)

Edit: Laura of Ruby White Tips has commented below that she’s currently got a 20% off code good for all Ruby White Tips polishes, please scroll down to the comments for the code and link to her store if you’re interested in Kim or any of her other polishes. You can see some of her other shades that I’ve posted about before by checking out my brand Category “Ruby White Tips”. 🙂

Different Dimension Luminosity and Light Year

Now, let me start by saying that I totally blame Sandra of Finger Candy for my purchasing Different Dimension’s Luminosity, since I just had to buy it after she shared photos of it some months ago. Adding Light Year and *ahem* several more of its sibling polishes to my order, well, I guess that’s all on me! 😉


Luminosity is a mauve-leaning pinky purple with lots of gold glass fleck, my kind of polish! (Hence, why I bought most of the other similar glass-flecked polishes from that collection, too!) I used three coats plus topcoat here (although the third probably wasn’t strictly necessary).




Light Year is one of the other polishes I got; it’s a dusty olive/sage green with the same gold glass-fleck shimmer. I also used three coats plus top coat here.





Love these! And I should really get around to wearing the others I got from the collection…

Black Dahlia Lacquer Capital Rose Garden

Black Dahlia Lacquer Capital Rose Garden is a wonderfully complex dusty rose scattered holo with pink-purple-blue colour-shifting shimmer flecks. It’s part of their Capital collection. blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_ott2 These first two photos were taken under Ott Lite. I used two coats plus top coat; no issues at all with the formula. I found the colour-shifting flecks to be even more apparent in real life than I was able to capture in these photos. blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_ott Under halogen light: blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_halogen2 blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_halogen With flash: blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_flash In shade: blackdahlialacquer_capitalrosegarden_shade I love this delicate and complex shade!

Ruby White Tips Kim

I’ve got a great polish to show you today: Kim by Ruby White Tips! I recently made my first real Indie polish purchase on Etsy, when I noticed that Laura, the creator of Ruby White Tips, advertises that all her polishes are vegan!

Ruby White Tips Kim

Kim is a beautiful nude creme with subtle holo. It’s a rose-beige-mauve nude shade; at least on my skin tone it leans mauve but I’ve seen some other swatch photos where it looks more beige.

Ruby White Tips Kim

I used two coats over ridge filler, three coats on my middle finger though, because I smudged the tip. You can see that the colour became a bit deeper at three coats; two was perfect for coverage though.

Ruby White Tips Kim

The formula was smooth but a little thick, although the thickness probably had something to do with the heat and humidity the day I wore it!

Ruby White Tips Kim

I love this polish!

Ruby White Tips Kim

I’ve got some more Ruby White Tips polishes to post about as well, so that should be coming soon.

Ruby White Tips Kim

Ruby White Tips can be found at http://www.rubywhitetips.com/ 🙂

Ruby White Tips Kim

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve

This amazing polish is Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve, which I haven’t seen for sale here in Canada (it’s supposed to be exclusive to Target stores and we don’t have those yet), but I was able to get with the help of someone having a blogsale! (Thanks again, Amy! :))

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve

Shown are three coats plus a layer of topcoat; the polish is slightly sheer to allow the duochrome iridescent shimmer to show through.

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve

I recommend waiting a minute between coats to avoid any balder spots near the cuticle, but other than that the formula was good!

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve

These photos are in natural light, various degrees of shade/partial sun.

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve

I love the finish on this polish! As you can see, there are a whole lot of colours in the flecked/foily particles: mauve, blue, copper, pink, plum, and a lovely warm golden orange colour shift at an angle. It’s the kind of polish that doesn’t really belong to just one colour family!

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve

There are two other polishes in this release that have a similar finish, and I’ll be posting those at a later date. 😀

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve

Soulstice Prague and Kauai

Two more shades in my project to photograph all my Soulstice polishes! Which is finished by the way, but most of them still need editing and uploading.

Soulstice Prague

This is Prague, a very fall-appropriate dusty brick/burnt orange creme-based shade with mauve undertones and fine silver shimmer that falls somewhere between pearl and frost.

Soulstice Prague

I used two coats here, and the formula was thin but smooth.

Soulstice Prague

I love this colour! Here it is in the shade:

Soulstice Prague

Next is Kauai, a pinkish strawberry shade with silvery microglitter-type shimmer that even looks good at one coat:

Soulstice Kauai - one coat

Here it is at two coats in the following picture, looking like a delicious strawberry!

Soulstice Kauai

The formula on Kauai was a little thicker than Prague’s, and was excellent. I swatched it without basecoat and I’d say this one is a potential stainer, so be sure to use a good basecoat!

Soulstice Kauai

In the shade:

Soulstice Kauai

More Soulstice swatches to come soon!