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Zoya Gretchen and Femme Fatale Heart’s Desires

Zoya Gretchen is a nude-ish brownish dusty rose kind of colour that I applied here in two coats (plus top coat). The accent nail is two coats of Femme Fatale Heart’s Desires, a very unique mauve-ish dusty rose base filled with red-gold-green flakies and tiny red holo microglitter sparks. Photos with flash. 




The next day I added two coats of Heart’s Desires overtop of Gretchen and stamped on the accent nail using Kleancolor Metallic Green and an image from Hehe-024. The combo of Heart’s Desires plus green made the accent nail look kind of orange overall!




Here’s the reason I bought Zoya Gretchen – former feral kitty Gretchen! She’s a torbie (brown tabby with some orange tabby patches), although it doesn’t really show in these photos.   


Gretchen actually doesn’t really get along very well with a lot of the cats, but there are a few she likes. Here she is cuddled up and spooning with Tex! <3<3<3




Ellagee Zaldrizes and Mhysa

These two polishes are from Ellagee’s Fire Made Flesh collection, and they come with these cool dragon claw rings around the bottle tops. 


Zaldrizes is a pale yellow-beige nude with gold glass fleck. 


I used two coats plus top coat. 



In shade:



I used french tip guides to make half-moons and applied Mhysa, a blue with gold glass fleck that appears a bit green through the blue, overtop. 


I used two coats of Mhysa followed by a final layer of topcoat. 





Picture Polish Cherish and chevron nail art

I’ve got some nail art to show you today! I was kind of ridiculously proud of the result of this first time using nail vinyls, haha. 😀

I started with Picture Polish Cherish, a light beige creme-based scattered holo. I used three coats plus topcoat for this swatch (although two coats would probably be fine for non-ridgey nails).





I added chevron nail vinyls (the ones I used were from nailvinyls.com although I received them as a sample in a Cult Nails purchase quite a long time ago!) and then applied two other Picture Polish scattered holos, Forget Me Not on the cuticle side and Demeter on the free edge side, before removing the vinyls and applying a final topcoat. Unfortunately my camera refused to capture the true colour of Forget Me Not, but I have a phone pic at the end that shows its rich, deep blue much better.





I was so happy with how these turned out! Here is the more colour-accurate photo of Forget Me Not – my camera shows it much too light in the above pics!



Echoes Polish Now You See Me and stamping

Echoes Polish is a Canadian indie that makes all vegan friendly polishes and is most well-known for their thermal polishes. Today I have Now You See Me to show you. When cold, it’s a dusty sage green colour, and it has beautiful green glass flecks throughout. Shown are three coats plus topcoat.



I had a couple of helpers while swatching 🙂 – Thor:



and Seymour:echoespolish_nowyouseeme_seymour

When warm, Now You See Me changes to a taupe-beige colour, making the green glass flecks really stand out. The shade was inspired by camouflage print. Here it is in transition and fully warm:






I decided to stamp it with a wavy stripe pattern from Hehe stamping plate Hehe-029, using China Glaze Con-fused (the green magnetic). Cold state, in the shade:


With flash:



Mostly warm, with flash:




Zoya Chantal

Just a quick post to show Zoya Chantal! Three coats plus top coat. A really nice simple nude creme shade!




Black Dahlia Lacquer Daffodil Petals

Here’s another Black Dahlia Lacquer from the first order I placed with them – Daffodil Petals. This is from their Essentials collection of basic neutral polishes.


Daffodil Petals is a pale yellow-beige toned nude jelly polish.


Shown in three coats, no topcoat. Nice and shiny and dry time was good! I found it easy to apply.


I didn’t use a ridge filling basecoat here, and it kind of shows in the photos, but it wasn’t really noticeable in person.


I really love this nude! 😀

Black Dahlia Lacquer Beach Jasmine and Comparison

I recently learned of Black Dahlia Lacquer, an indie brand based in Texas that just launched last fall, who make vegan polishes. The polishes looked great, so I had to place an order to check them out! 😉


From left to right, Dandelion Fields, Beach Jasmine, My Butter Half, 90 in November (this one wasn’t part of my order but was sent as an extra!), Daffodil Petals, Austin City Limits. The polishes come in an 8ml ‘petite’ size, which is what I ordered, as well as regular 14ml full size. Today I’ve got swatches and a comparison for Beach Jasmine but I hope to also photograph the rest of them soon!

I love the bottles, the 8ml bottles have the same unique shape as the full size ones, which is a really nice touch! The brush, again even in the mini size bottles, is a flat wide brush, my favourite type.


Beach Jasmine is a light taupey-beige creme with lots of gold flecks. A beautiful nude colour!


I used two coats here. (My coats seem to have been a bit thinner on my index finger than the other nails and I think maybe it shows a bit in the photos…) The formula was smooth and easy to apply. Very happy with this polish!


In the shade:


Since I love nudes with gold shimmer, I had a few in mind that this one reminded me of: Cult Nails Mazo, China Glaze Fast Track, and Essence Irreplaceable.


This first photo shows two coats of each polish. As you can see, Mazo is much more sheer than the others.

Left to right, 2 coats each: Cult Nails Mazo, Black Dahlia Lacquer Beach Jasmine, China Glaze Fast Track, Essence Irreplaceable

Left to right, 2 coats each: Cult Nails Mazo, Black Dahlia Lacquer Beach Jasmine, China Glaze Fast Track, Essence Irreplaceable

Next photos show 3 coats of Cult Nails Mazo on the index and 3 coats of China Glaze Fast Track on the ring (the third wasn’t really necessary but I wanted to better cover my ridges on that nail).

Left to right: Cult Nails Mazo, Black Dahlia Lacquer Beach Jasmine, China Glaze Fast Track, Essence Irreplaceable

Left to right: Cult Nails Mazo, Black Dahlia Lacquer Beach Jasmine, China Glaze Fast Track, Essence Irreplaceable

Mazo is more yellow-toned, Fast Track is browner, and Irreplaceable is just slightly more grey.

Left to right: Cult Nails Mazo, Black Dahlia Lacquer Beach Jasmine, China Glaze Fast Track, Essence Irreplaceable

Left to right: Cult Nails Mazo, Black Dahlia Lacquer Beach Jasmine, China Glaze Fast Track, Essence Irreplaceable

Irreplaceable is definitely the closest to Beach Jasmine though. Irreplaceable’s shimmer is slightly more dense and has a very slight green shift to it that doesn’t show on the nail, but the two are close. I believe Irreplaceable is hard to find now, so this polish is a good replacement (har, har!) for anyone looking for it.

Top to bottom: Cult Nails Mazo, Black Dahlia Lacquer Beach Jasmine, China Glaze Fast Track, Essence Irreplaceable

Top to bottom: Cult Nails Mazo, Black Dahlia Lacquer Beach Jasmine, China Glaze Fast Track, Essence Irreplaceable

Now, I can’t show a polish with Jasmine in the name without showing my beautiful Jasmine. 😉


Jasmine is the most feral of our cats; she’s almost 9 years old now and has been with me since the age of 6 months, but it’s just in the past two years that she’s really allowed me to pet her at all (and then, just in her ‘safe’ situations – but in those situations, she’s learned that she really likes it!).


She’s much more comfortable with other cats than with humans. Here she is on the bed with Oliver (one of her littermates, who adapted much more easily to us humans), Seymour who is licking Oliver, and the baby of the family, Wu, on the right!

Maya Cosmetics Turbo Classy

This lovely beige/taupe/nude polish is Turbo Classy by Maya Cosmetics! It’s a creme base with plenty of subtle shimmer in it. I used two coats plus top coat here; the formula was smooth and easy to apply.

Under halogen light:
Maya Cosmetics Turbo Classy

Overcast natural light:
Maya Cosmetics Turbo Classy

With flash:
Maya Cosmetics Turbo Classy

And again with halogen light:
Maya Cosmetics Turbo Classy

Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

Kunimitsu Nail Potions is a new-to-me indie brand sold on Etsy, that I just recently learned makes vegan-only polishes (and lip glosses too!). A bunch of the polishes are inspired by cats, and the brand name is in memory of one of the creator’s cats. All these photos are taken with flash and under the Ott lite, since it was dark out.

Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

These two polishes are Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin (the ring finger accent). I thought they complemented each other really well, having the same base colour but with different glitters.

Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

Chocolate Point Siamese is a nude beige slightly shimmery base with brown and holo light blue medium hex glitter, very small brown glitter, and tiny gold sparkles. Cinnamon Raisin has the same base and the two sizes of brown glitter, but also purple and lilac medium hexes and small gold hexes. They both seem to have some holo microglitter in there too, but it’s sort of hard to tell! But there are tiny little flashes of holo-looking sparkle sometimes.

Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

Shown are two coats of each polish, and I found they covered well and the base was smooth. I did have to do some shaking and tilting of the bottle to get out a good amount of glitter, and do some dabbing to distribute it where I wanted it.

Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

Drying time was very good! All photos do include a layer of topcoat. Overall I’m really impressed with these and looking forward to trying the others I got!

Don’t you love the awkward hand pose clutching two mini bottles? Haha 😀

Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

From the Vault, again…

More random old stuff!

Nubar Pink Flame, under artificial light:

Nubar Pink Flame, artificial light

Nubar Pink Flame, artificial light

Nubar Pink Flame, artificial light

Comparison: left to right, Finger Paints Catwalk Queen, Butter London Bumster (middle and ring fingers), Misa Hot Couture. The Butter London and Finger Paints polishes are quite close, Finger Paints just has slightly more orange, while the Misa is noticeably darker.



Butter London Bumster by itself:


OPI Pepe’s Purple Passion (in light box and camera wouldn’t focus properly on the polish surface!):





I’ll admit, while I ended up really liking Pepe’s Purple Passion, I mainly wanted it for the name, because of this handsome guy whose name is Pepe. Although we usually call him Tex. 🙂


Essence Wanna Be My Sunshine with accent nail in NYX Girls Pure Green, all layered with LA Girl Zesty Citrus overtop:



Illamasqua Elope: