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Black Cat Lacquer The Emperor

The Emperor by Black Cat Lacquer is from their Tarot collection. The name is also one of the (many, many) nicknames of one of my cats – SP, aka Emperor Spee. 😀

The Emperor is a dark brown creme-based holo with additional irregular-shaped micro holo shards. I had seen them described as both ‘flakes’ and ‘shreds’ so I wasn’t sure if they were flakes of true holo particles (smooth) or if they were more like glitter shards (slight texture that needs a topcoat to smooth), so I wanted to mention that it’s the latter, in case anyone is uncertain like I was. Here is the Emperor under Ottlite:


I used two coats plus top coat. The accent nail has a base of Zoya Codie with a half moon in Zoya Nina. Under halogen light:


With flash:


Love this deep brown combo, even if in most lighting the contrast between the two colours on the accent nail wasn’t as strong as I’d thought it would be. 


And here are some pics of my feline Emperor Spee; he’s a little black cat and with the bright sunlight bringing out the brown highlights in his fur, The Emperor polish matches him well! ❤  

Black Dahlia Lacquer New Dawn and comparison

This pretty light rosy taupe nude shade is Black Dahlia Lacquer New Dawn. 


It’s full of holo microglitter, turquoise glass fleck, and pink-purple-blue shifting microflakies. 


I used two coats plus top coat. 


In the shade:


I did a comparison with a couple of polishes that aren’t really that close, heheh. Index finger is Ruby White Tips Kim and ring finger is Maya Cosmetics Vintage. 

rubywhitetipskim_blackdahlianewdawn_mayavintage2 (Top to bottom: RWT Kim, BDL New Dawn, Maya Vintage, BDL New Dawn)

Kim is pinker and has very subtle scattered holo particles (not microglitter like New Dawn). Vintage is a much darker dusty rose-mauve and also has holo particles as opposed to microglitter. 

rubywhitetipskim_blackdahlianewdawn_mayavintage (Left to right: RWT Kim, BDL New Dawn, Maya Vintage, BDL New Dawn)

Edit: Laura of Ruby White Tips has commented below that she’s currently got a 20% off code good for all Ruby White Tips polishes, please scroll down to the comments for the code and link to her store if you’re interested in Kim or any of her other polishes. You can see some of her other shades that I’ve posted about before by checking out my brand Category “Ruby White Tips”. 🙂

Black Dahlia Lacquer Austin City Limits

The next Black Dahlia Lacquer I have to show you is Austin City Limits, a light periwinkle/cornflower leaning blue holo with added gold holo microglitters and pink-purple shimmer flecks.


There was no sun unfortunately so these first photos are all with flash and/or Ott Lite.


Two coats plus top coat, no issues with the formula.


This photo is under halogen lighting:


Shaded natural light:


The pink-purple shimmer flecks were hard to capture in photos, but I think this photo I took at work does the best job of it (hey, fluorescent office lighting is good for something after all!):


The second day I added stamping with my new Messy Mansion XL rectangular stamper, which I love and highly recommend! It’s squishier than the Konad stampers, plus the rectangular shape helps to get patterns on straighter.


This is basically the first time that I’ve done a full-nail pattern on all ten nails, since I used to have so much trouble with patchy spots and getting them on straight.


I stamped using China Glaze Gold Fusion (one of the magnetics, they’re great for stamping!) and the plate is Messy Mansion MM13. I’m excited to do lots more stamping with this new Messy Mansion stamper! 😀


Io, Saturnalia! With Indigo Bananas Polishes

Happy Saturnalia! Today is the first day! I don’t have any nail art or anything, but this gold mani is appropriately festive, I think. Photos are under halogen light except the last one, which is fluorescent office lighting.


This is Indigo Bananas Suneater, with Indigo Bananas Impact on the accent nail. Indigo Bananas is another indie brand with vegan polishes, and they have a lot of great stuff that I was excited to discover!


Suneater is a metallic yellow gold holo with slight green duochrome. Three coats, but it dries very quickly.


On the accent nail is Impact, a metallic gold with green/copper duochrome (wasn’t really able to capture the coppery pink side in these photos) and orange and gold holo glitters in several sizes of hex and some small squares. Two coats over Suneater.


Love these two polishes!


Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

Kunimitsu Nail Potions is a new-to-me indie brand sold on Etsy, that I just recently learned makes vegan-only polishes (and lip glosses too!). A bunch of the polishes are inspired by cats, and the brand name is in memory of one of the creator’s cats. All these photos are taken with flash and under the Ott lite, since it was dark out.

Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

These two polishes are Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin (the ring finger accent). I thought they complemented each other really well, having the same base colour but with different glitters.

Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

Chocolate Point Siamese is a nude beige slightly shimmery base with brown and holo light blue medium hex glitter, very small brown glitter, and tiny gold sparkles. Cinnamon Raisin has the same base and the two sizes of brown glitter, but also purple and lilac medium hexes and small gold hexes. They both seem to have some holo microglitter in there too, but it’s sort of hard to tell! But there are tiny little flashes of holo-looking sparkle sometimes.

Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

Shown are two coats of each polish, and I found they covered well and the base was smooth. I did have to do some shaking and tilting of the bottle to get out a good amount of glitter, and do some dabbing to distribute it where I wanted it.

Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

Drying time was very good! All photos do include a layer of topcoat. Overall I’m really impressed with these and looking forward to trying the others I got!

Don’t you love the awkward hand pose clutching two mini bottles? Haha 😀

Kunimitsu Chocolate Point Siamese and Cinnamon Raisin

Ruby White Tips Batworld Collection – Sweet Faced Cornelius and Mr. Kitty

I have the final two polishes that I own from the Ruby White Tips Batworld collection to show you today!

The polish Sweet Faced Cornelius is named after this sweet little guy:

Photo credit: Batworld.org

Photo credit: Batworld.org

Cornelius, the polish, is a sheer layering jelly polish full of iridescent green shimmer, flakes/tiny shards, and holo particles. The first two photos show four coats of polish over my bare (stained!) nails.

Ruby White Tips Sweet Faced Cornelius

Ruby White Tips Sweet Faced Cornelius

The rest of the photos show one coat of Cornelius over black.

Ruby White Tips Sweet Faced Cornelius over black

The polish was thick but not difficult to work with, even when I did the four coats on its own.

Ruby White Tips Sweet Faced Cornelius over black

It also dries almost totally smooth; no extra layers of topcoat needed here.

Ruby White Tips Sweet Faced Cornelius over black

I’m looking forward to trying this one over one of those deep green with golden flecks polishes, like China Glaze Cast a Spell; I think that will look awesome as well!

Ruby White Tips Sweet Faced Cornelius over black

The final polish I have to share is Mr. Kitty, named after this little bat who was in turn named after the feral cat who brought him to the sanctuary! Ms. Kitty is a feral cat the Batworld staff take care of, and apparently three times so far she has brought weak or injured bats to the sanctuary door, without harming them at all herself.

Photo credit: Batworld.org

Photo credit: Batworld.org

Mr. Kitty the bat next to the polish! You can see just how tiny he is, about the same size as the bottle of polish!

Photo credit: Batworld.org

Photo credit: Batworld.org

Mr. Kitty the polish is a sheer taupe based polish with pink duochrome shimmer and tiny flakes in it. It’s kind of a chameleon and looks different in different lighting! The pink/magenta shimmer sometimes leans lavender or purple, and other times shifts more to a golden/coppery, rusty brick tone.

Ott Lite photos:

Ruby White Tips Mr. Kitty

I used two thick coats over ridge filler, except on the ring finger where I used one coat over black (no ridge filler underneath, but I should have used some!).

Ruby White Tips Mr. Kitty

I found the formula to be thick (it was also very hot and humid that day, so that most certainly contributed!), but didn’t have any problems until I came to the layered accent nail. I had a little trouble applying one even layer over the black, but I added a few drops of polish thinner and then it was fine.

Ruby White Tips Mr. Kitty

I really like this one both on its own and over black!

Ruby White Tips Mr. Kitty

Sunlight photos, which tend to show off the purple/magenta aspects:

Ruby White Tips Mr. Kitty

Ruby White Tips Mr. Kitty

Oh yeah, the polish also comes with this cute little bat charm attached:

Ruby White Tips Mr. Kitty

Ruby White Tips Mr. Kitty

In partial shade:

Ruby White Tips Mr. Kitty

Ruby White Tips Batworld Collection – Ethereal and Poppy

Hi all, I have two more polishes from the Ruby White Tips Batworld collection to show you today! The first two polishes, Boo2 and Peekaboo, were shown in my last post here. As mentioned there, half the proceeds of this collection go to the Batworld sanctuary to help them rescue, rehabilitate and care for orphaned and injured bats.

The first polish I’m showing you today, Ethereal, is probably my very favourite from the collection so far. When I was preparing this post I went to the Batworld.org website to get photos of the rescued bats who inspired these polishes, and I was very sad to learn that Ethereal, the little albino bat, just recently passed away suddenly. You can read her story here. Rest in peace, little one. 😦

Rest in peace, Ethereal. Photo credit: Batworld.org

Rest in peace, Ethereal. Photo credit: Batworld.org

Here is a bottle picture of the lovely polish named for Ethereal. I love the matte peach glitters in this one, they make it so very unique.

Ruby White Tips Ethereal

The swatches of Ethereal show three coats of polish. Two would probably be okay for those who don’t have yellowy-stained nails like I do. It would also make a great layering polish over many other shades!

Ruby White Tips Ethereal

The formula was thick but not too thick, with a good amount of glitter (I didn’t have to do any dabbing or placing of glitter when applying it). There’s a lot going on in this polish, with its white shimmery base, peach matte hex glitter, satiny white hex glitter, square iridescent glitter that reflects pink and green, sparse scattered micro holo particles and pink/purple shimmer flecks, and small iridescent flakie shards that reflect blue and purple… and maybe some other things I’m not catching? 🙂 Despite all that, it’s in no way “too busy”, it all works perfectly together! Did I mention this one is my favourite? 😉

Ruby White Tips Ethereal

A slight texture can be felt from all the flakes and glitter, but a good topcoat takes care of that.

Ruby White Tips Ethereal

Ethereal in the shade:

Ruby White Tips Ethereal

I had an email conversation with Laura, the creator of Ruby White Tips, and she mentioned plans to create a new shade “in memory of” Ethereal and possibly retiring this one, so if you like it like I do, I’d suggest picking it up sooner rather than later.

The second polish I have to show today was inspired by Poppy, an “Indian flying fox”, one of the largest species of bat, who was “retired” from a zoo. Glad she is now in a non-exploitative sanctuary!

Photo credit: Batworld.org

Photo credit: Batworld.org

This is two coats of Poppy the polish (three on my pinky, just because of a smudge). The application of this polish was smooth and easy.

Ruby White Tips Poppy

The shade of the polish fits its name, being a red shimmer that has a brick undertone and pink shimmer. There is holo microglitter throughout the polish.

Ruby White Tips Poppy

The microglitter leaves a bit of texture on the nail, so a coat or two of a good topcoat is recommended. I know I took some photos pre-topcoat and some after adding a layer of topcoat, but I can’t remember now which each of these particular photos were, sorry about that!

Ruby White Tips Poppy

A nice, pretty shade to go with a very pretty bat! 😀

Ruby White Tips Poppy

As I mentioned, I was talking to the creator of Ruby White Tips, and shared with her the link to my first Batworld swatch post. She was kind enough to offer a coupon code for my readers for 15% off purchases at her Etsy store! (Discount not valid on Mystery Bags.) The code is VEGANCLAWS. Thanks, Laura, and glad you like the swatches! 😀