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Eat Sleep Polish Supernova, Jupiter Grapes, and Planet Pluto

Today I have three Eat Sleep Polish holos with colour-shifting glass flecks to show you. First, Supernova with an accent nail of Jupiter Grapes. Supernova is a fuchsia/plum sort of shade with blue-to-fuchsia glass flecks. Jupiter Grapes is a slightly blue-toned purple with similar blue-to-fuchsia glass flecks, although they don’t appear as prominent as in Supernova. Under Ott lite:


With flash:



In shade:



On my right hand I did the opposite using Supernova as the accent and Jupiter Grapes for most of the nails. With flash:





Later I decided to compare Jupiter Grapes and Planet Pluto, which is an indigo-toned blue, again with glass flecks that mostly appear blue in this polish. Here is Planet Pluto with a ring finger accent of Jupiter Grapes, in sunlight:




In shade:






And finally a sunlight phone pic showing all three polishes:



LA Girl Allure, Orly Ablaze, Black Dahlia Lacquer Fuchsia Flower, and stamping

Here’s a kind of skittley mani, due to a comparison I wanted to do. It started out as LA Girl Allure with an accent nail of Black Dahlia Lacquer Fuchsia Flower, but then I switched my index nail to Orly Ablaze since I wanted to see how it compared to Allure. 


Ablaze is more orange, while Allure is more coral, and of course they have different shimmer as well; Orly’s gold shimmer is larger flecks while the LA Girl’s is very fine. 


Fuchsia Flower has blue glass flecks in it, which aren’t showing up very well on the nail in these pics but you can see clearly in the bottle below. 


I stamped on the mani using Fingerpaints Minimalistic Mauve (over the coral/orange nails) and Picturesque Purple (over Fuchsia Flower), and plate Hehe-040. 





With flash:


Il était un vernis My Favorite Popsicle, Under the Pink, and Mint to Be Yours

Today I have swatches of three beautiful scattered holos from Il était un vernis’ summer collection. 


First is My Favorite Popsicle, a pink-red scattered holo with pink glass fleck shimmer. Two coats plus top coat; it has an excellent smooth formula and was almost opaque in one coat. Shown in the shade in these first two photos. 


In the (setting) sun:


With flash:




Next up is Under the Pink, a fuchsia pink scattered holo with pink glass fleck shimmer. 


Also two coats plus top coat, same excellent formula. Shown in sunlight in these first photos.



In the shade:



The third one is Mint To Be Yours, a minty scattered holo shade with gold flecks.


This one is a bit more sheer, and I used three coats plus top coat. Nice smooth formula. Shown in sunlight. 




Under Ott lite:


With flash:


Echoes Polish Happily Ever After and April 2015 Thermal

I have two thermals from Echoes Polish to show you today! Happily Ever After is a tri-thermal shifting from a warm purple when cold to a fuchshia pink when warm to a very pale lilac-leaning blue when hot, and has heavy gold flake shimmer throughout. The April 2015 Thank You thermal (Echoes polish creates a limited edition thermal each month and sends them out free in orders of 5 or more polishes) is a blue-purple when cold changing to a bright hot pink when hot, and also has shimmer. 

Happily Ever After is shown on my index and middle fingers, April 2015 on my ring, pinkie and thumb. I used three coats each plus topcoat, and both had great formulas. No sun when I wore these, so all photos are either in shade or with flash. 

Cold, in shade:




Cold, with flash:


Warmer, with flash:


Hot, in shade:


Hot, with flash:


In transition, with flash:






 In transition, shade:



The Great Evolving Black Dahlia Lacquer Manicure/Comparison

Warning, long and picture heavy post! I had a Black Dahlia Lacquer mani that just kept evolving! Except where noted, these were all two coats plus top coat.

Part 1, left hand – Striped Peonies with Rose Petals, under Ottlite:


With flash:



These two have a similar crelly finish with tons of colour-shifting glass fleck shimmer.



Part 1, right hand, Rose Petals with Striped Peonies, under Ottlite:


With flash:

I decided to then pair Striped Peonies (on the right) with 90 in November (on the left) to do a little purple comparison – 90 in November is much warmer in tone and has a foil finish with some added glass flecks:


Part 2, left hand, Striped Peonies with 90 in November, under Ottlite:


With flash:


Part 2, right hand, 90 in November with Striped Peonies, under Ottlite:


With flash:


Part 3, left hand, Blooming Sunflowers with 90 in November, in sunlight:


Under Ottlite:


With flash:


Part 3, right hand, 90 in November with Blooming Sunflowers, stamped with Fingerpaints Picturesque Purple and plate Pueen 08, in sunlight:


I then wanted to compare Blooming Sunflowers to Strawberry Fields; here they are in the bottles, not as close in colour as I’d thought – Blooming Sunflowers leans a lot more toward red, and its gold flakes are much larger and more prominent:


Part 4, left hand, Blooming Sunflowers with Strawberry Fields. I used three coats of Strawberry Fields here, just because I smudged it a bit after the second. In sunlight:




I didn’t take a picture of the right hand for Part 4.

Since Strawberry Fields was a lot pinker than Blooming Sunflowers, I then decided to compare it to Rose Petals:



Rose Petals is a cooler pink, with pink shifting glass fleck shimmer, whereas the shimmer in Strawberry Fields is all tiny gold flakes and is less prominent once on the nail.

For the last version of the mani, I did an ombré/skittle-type thing, adding both Rose Petals and Dandelion Explosion, a coral crelly with peach and coral matte glitters, to the previous version. So here we have Part 5, index to pinkie: Dandelion Explosion (three coats – it’s also the bottle I’m holding), Blooming Sunflowers, Strawberry Fields, and Rose Petals:





Part 5, right hand, thumb to pinkie: Blooming Sunflowers, Dandelion Explosion, Strawberry Fields, Blooming Sunflowers stamped with Fingerpaints Picturesque Purple, Rose Petals:




A few odds and ends

A few random things, some of them pretty old photos! In reverse chronological order…

China Glaze Metro-pollen-tin, three coats plus top coat, taken with flash. Love this yellow-orange!



IndiePolish Spring Lilac, two coats, plus two coats topcoat (the formula was a little thick so the glitters got a bit lumpy).



China Glaze Ray-diant layered over black.

OPI Do You Think I’m Tex-y with a jelly sandwich accent nail. I *think* the iridescent glitter in the jelly sandwich was Butter London Tart With a Heart but I’m not 100% positive!

OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y

OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y

OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y

OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y

And of course, I can’t post a polish with Tex in the name without posting a picture of handsome Big Tex!

Black Dahlia Lacquer Hot Pink Tulips

Hot Pink Tulips was part of the New Year multichrome flakie duo by Black Dahlia Lacquer. I also have the other polish in the duo, Lime Green Daisies, but haven’t worn that one yet!


It’s got a lot of great stuff going on in it! Fuchsia pink multihrome flakies that shift to purple and blue, gold flakes, hot pink glass flecks, and probably more that I’m just having trouble distinguishing!


Completely opaque in two coats, which is what’s shown here (plus top coat).


The finish is totally smooth and gives off an overall metallic look from all the chrome flakies.


In shade, the pink multichrome flakes really show off their blue-violet side:


With flash:


Under halogen light:



Indigo Bananas Endless Nights

Sorry for the lack of posts! I haven’t been swatching/photographing lately but I still have plenty of photos I never posted so I think I should start posting them even if I don’t have tons of time to do elaborate write-ups or anything!

This is Indigo Bananas Endless Nights, a plum/burgundy duochrome holo with strong blue/pink duochrome. I can’t remember if this was two or three coats.

Indigo Bananas Endless Nights

With flash:
Indigo Bananas Endless Nights

Indigo Bananas Endless Nights

Under Ott lite:
Indigo Bananas Endless Nights

Indigo Bananas Endless Nights

One coat over black:
Indigo Bananas Endless Nights over black

Indigo Bananas Endless Nights over black

Indigo Bananas Endless Nights over black

Indigo Bananas Endless Nights over black

China Glaze Shell We Dance?

China Glaze Shell We Dance is from their new textured collection, Sea Goddess. It’s a medium pink sparkly texture with some slightly larger metallic pink hex glitter in there.

Two coats, and it applied fine. I like it a lot! First and last photos are with flash, others with Ott Light.

China Glaze Shell We Dance?

China Glaze Shell We Dance?

China Glaze Shell We Dance?

China Glaze Shell We Dance?

China Glaze Shell We Dance?

Valentine’s Day mani featuring LA Girl Sand Blast polishes

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, things have been busy! And now, I’ve got a cold, blech, but anyway…

I signed up for Nail Polish Canada’s Valentine’s Day Nail Art Challenge, and here is the mani I did. Two versions of it, actually, as I added some stamping later!

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

I started with my favourite plain white polish, Milani White On the Spot, and then sponged on a textured gradient using two LA Girls Sand Blast polishes, Sandals (pink) and Sand Dune (red).

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

I originally wanted the heart on the middle finger to be a sort of reverse-gradient with the two colours in the opposite order, but it didn’t quite work out that way, so I dabbed on some more white after removing the heart shape I had cut out of masking tape.

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

I like how it ended up even though it wasn’t what I had originally planned.

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

Later, I added some stamping using Bundle Monster plate BM-H16. I received this plate in the mail recently from Nail Polish Canada.

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

The note in the package didn’t mention the blog so I’m not sure if it was sent for review purposes or just as a thank you for spending so much money in their store (ha ha!) or what, but either way I thought it was very sweet! Thanks, NPC! 🙂

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

The roses design on the ring finger didn’t really turn out so well what with the bumpy textured base polish, but I like how the flowers on stems on the other fingers look!

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

The first, simpler version with just the gradient and speckled/sponged heart is going to be my entry for the challenge. You can visit the Valentine’s Day Nail Art Challenge page here to vote for your favourite!

Disclosure: the stamping plate in this post was provided free of charge by Nail Polish Canada.