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Happy Saturnalia! Today is the first day! I don’t have any nail art or anything, but this gold mani is appropriately festive, I think. Photos are under halogen light except the last one, which is fluorescent office lighting.


This is Indigo Bananas Suneater, with Indigo Bananas Impact on the accent nail. Indigo Bananas is another indie brand with vegan polishes, and they have a lot of great stuff that I was excited to discover!


Suneater is a metallic yellow gold holo with slight green duochrome. Three coats, but it dries very quickly.


On the accent nail is Impact, a metallic gold with green/copper duochrome (wasn’t really able to capture the coppery pink side in these photos) and orange and gold holo glitters in several sizes of hex and some small squares. Two coats over Suneater.


Love these two polishes!


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