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Badger Mushroom Snake!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here. You may now either thank me or curse me. 🙂

While there are many great images on Vivid Lacquer plate VL-004, it’s three particular images that made it so that I *needed* to get this plate as soon as I saw it. 


Here is the badger, mushroom, snake mani that I did. 


The base is two coats of Milani White On The Spot (plus top coat). 


I stamped using Kleancolor polishes in Black, Blood and Dark Brown (together on the plate for the mushroom image), and Military Green. 


I added white dots to the mushroom with a dotting tool, and some colour details on the snake’s hood (with Kleancolor Neon Yellow) and tongue (with Kleancolor Blood) using a straightened-out paper clip (didn’t have any thin nail art brushes at the time, though I’ve since ordered some). 


I had a bit of trouble with the badger image; I’m wondering if Kleancolor Metallic Black might have been a better choice since I’ve found that sometimes metallics work better than cremes for stamping images I’ve had trouble getting crisp/full. I used HK Girl topcoat by Glisten & Glow overtop, which I’m really liking since it dries quickly and stands up to its claims of not smudging nail art. 


Anyway, my life feels a little more complete having done this mani, haha.  Thank you Vivid Lacquer for putting these images together on a plate! 😀



Bonne journée des Franco-Ontariens & Franco-Ontariennes!


Le 25 septembre est la journée des Franco-Ontarien.ne.s alors j’ai fait un nail art représentant le drapeau Franco-Ontarien, qui célèbre ses 40 ans aujourd’hui! J’ai utilisé la plaque M15 de Konad pour le lys et une plaque qui se nomme AT-04 trouvée sur Aliexpress pour le trille (j’en ai enfin trouvé un après de longues longues recherches!) Les vernis de base sont Hunter Green de NYX et White on the Spot de Milani, et j’ai stampé avec le même NYX pour le vert et Kind of White (S) de Colour Alike pour le blanc. Photos prises ce matin avec flash.

Apologies to my readers who don’t speak French; I thought this post should definitely be in French! 😛 Also, this is a preview of my new nail shape I’ve had for several weeks now – as usual I’m wayyyy behind on posts so I still have a bunch with my previous shape to post before getting to the newer stuff 🙂





Zoya Jasmine, Zoya Blossom, and stamping

I’ve got some more nails inspired by my cat Jasmine to show you today! Her full name is actually Jasmine Blossom so I wanted to use these two polishes together for some nail art. First some swatches of the polishes used. Both are older, discontinued Zoya shades. 


Zoya Jasmine, three coats plus top coat. The third wasn’t strictly necessary but did deepen the colour slightly. Shown here in overcast natural light. 


Jasmine is a shimmery metallic berry red-pink. Under Ott lite:


With flash:


Zoya Blossom, a slightly peachy off-white with fine pink shimmer. I’m not sure if this was three or four coats; I apparently forgot to write it down! I did write down that the formula was a little thin (which makes me think it’s probably four coats) but surprisingly un-streaky for a white! Under Ott lite:


Under halogen light:


With flash:

zoya_blossom_flash3 zoya_blossom_flash2 zoya_blossom_flash

I then stamped over Blossom using Jasmine, with an image of jasmine blossoms (? that’s what I decided these flowering branches were, anyway! haha) from plate Hehe-023. Photos of the stamping are all with flash. 

zoya_jasmine_blossom_stamping4 zoya_jasmine_blossom_stamping3 zoya_jasmine_blossom_stamping2 zoya_jasmine_blossom_stamping

I loved this combo!!

And now some photos of my semi-feral Jasmine: a collage with her sitting in a box and with her brother Thor, with whom she’s very close (and Julius lolling about in the background of one!) , and then one of her on the bed (she was actually leaned up against my leg when I woke up from a nap!)



Valentine’s Day mani featuring LA Girl Sand Blast polishes

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, things have been busy! And now, I’ve got a cold, blech, but anyway…

I signed up for Nail Polish Canada’s Valentine’s Day Nail Art Challenge, and here is the mani I did. Two versions of it, actually, as I added some stamping later!

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

I started with my favourite plain white polish, Milani White On the Spot, and then sponged on a textured gradient using two LA Girls Sand Blast polishes, Sandals (pink) and Sand Dune (red).

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

I originally wanted the heart on the middle finger to be a sort of reverse-gradient with the two colours in the opposite order, but it didn’t quite work out that way, so I dabbed on some more white after removing the heart shape I had cut out of masking tape.

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

I like how it ended up even though it wasn’t what I had originally planned.

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

Later, I added some stamping using Bundle Monster plate BM-H16. I received this plate in the mail recently from Nail Polish Canada.

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

The note in the package didn’t mention the blog so I’m not sure if it was sent for review purposes or just as a thank you for spending so much money in their store (ha ha!) or what, but either way I thought it was very sweet! Thanks, NPC! 🙂

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

The roses design on the ring finger didn’t really turn out so well what with the bumpy textured base polish, but I like how the flowers on stems on the other fingers look!

Milani White On the Spot with gradient of LA Girl Sandals and Sand Dune

The first, simpler version with just the gradient and speckled/sponged heart is going to be my entry for the challenge. You can visit the Valentine’s Day Nail Art Challenge page here to vote for your favourite!

Disclosure: the stamping plate in this post was provided free of charge by Nail Polish Canada.

Ruby White Tips Batworld Collection – Ethereal and Poppy

Hi all, I have two more polishes from the Ruby White Tips Batworld collection to show you today! The first two polishes, Boo2 and Peekaboo, were shown in my last post here. As mentioned there, half the proceeds of this collection go to the Batworld sanctuary to help them rescue, rehabilitate and care for orphaned and injured bats.

The first polish I’m showing you today, Ethereal, is probably my very favourite from the collection so far. When I was preparing this post I went to the Batworld.org website to get photos of the rescued bats who inspired these polishes, and I was very sad to learn that Ethereal, the little albino bat, just recently passed away suddenly. You can read her story here. Rest in peace, little one. 😦

Rest in peace, Ethereal. Photo credit: Batworld.org

Rest in peace, Ethereal. Photo credit: Batworld.org

Here is a bottle picture of the lovely polish named for Ethereal. I love the matte peach glitters in this one, they make it so very unique.

Ruby White Tips Ethereal

The swatches of Ethereal show three coats of polish. Two would probably be okay for those who don’t have yellowy-stained nails like I do. It would also make a great layering polish over many other shades!

Ruby White Tips Ethereal

The formula was thick but not too thick, with a good amount of glitter (I didn’t have to do any dabbing or placing of glitter when applying it). There’s a lot going on in this polish, with its white shimmery base, peach matte hex glitter, satiny white hex glitter, square iridescent glitter that reflects pink and green, sparse scattered micro holo particles and pink/purple shimmer flecks, and small iridescent flakie shards that reflect blue and purple… and maybe some other things I’m not catching? 🙂 Despite all that, it’s in no way “too busy”, it all works perfectly together! Did I mention this one is my favourite? 😉

Ruby White Tips Ethereal

A slight texture can be felt from all the flakes and glitter, but a good topcoat takes care of that.

Ruby White Tips Ethereal

Ethereal in the shade:

Ruby White Tips Ethereal

I had an email conversation with Laura, the creator of Ruby White Tips, and she mentioned plans to create a new shade “in memory of” Ethereal and possibly retiring this one, so if you like it like I do, I’d suggest picking it up sooner rather than later.

The second polish I have to show today was inspired by Poppy, an “Indian flying fox”, one of the largest species of bat, who was “retired” from a zoo. Glad she is now in a non-exploitative sanctuary!

Photo credit: Batworld.org

Photo credit: Batworld.org

This is two coats of Poppy the polish (three on my pinky, just because of a smudge). The application of this polish was smooth and easy.

Ruby White Tips Poppy

The shade of the polish fits its name, being a red shimmer that has a brick undertone and pink shimmer. There is holo microglitter throughout the polish.

Ruby White Tips Poppy

The microglitter leaves a bit of texture on the nail, so a coat or two of a good topcoat is recommended. I know I took some photos pre-topcoat and some after adding a layer of topcoat, but I can’t remember now which each of these particular photos were, sorry about that!

Ruby White Tips Poppy

A nice, pretty shade to go with a very pretty bat! 😀

Ruby White Tips Poppy

As I mentioned, I was talking to the creator of Ruby White Tips, and shared with her the link to my first Batworld swatch post. She was kind enough to offer a coupon code for my readers for 15% off purchases at her Etsy store! (Discount not valid on Mystery Bags.) The code is VEGANCLAWS. Thanks, Laura, and glad you like the swatches! 😀

Soulstice Kiev, Hana, and Berlin

Today I have three more swatches to show you in my project to photograph all my Soulstice Spa polishes.

Soulstice Kiev

Kiev is a burgundy jelly polish with a hint of a brown tone.

Soulstice Kiev

This is three coats, since I found I got a little bit of cuticle drag at two coats (maybe I just didn’t wait long enough between coats).

Soulstice Kiev

In low light it can look quite dark:

Soulstice Kiev

Then I added one generous coat of Hana overtop of Kiev.

Soulstice Hana over Soulstice Kiev

Hana is a very sheer iridescent flake polish, so I didn’t bother swatching it on its own.


The tiny flakes reflect all sorts of colours; here over Kiev the overall effect is a mainly blueish shimmer.

Soulstice Hana over Soulstice Kiev

Soulstice Hana over Soulstice Kiev

Next I have Berlin, a very dark vampy purple that has a semi-jelly formula. It’s dark enough that it often looks almost black.

Soulstice Berlin

The formula was very similar to that of Kiev.

Soulstice Berlin

I’m actually not sure whether this swatch was two or three coats; apparently I forgot to write it down.

Soulstice Berlin

Lastly, here is a comparison between Berlin, Kleancolor Black (one coat), and Kiev to show the relative depth of the colours.

Soulstice Berlin, Kleancolor Black, Soulstice Kiev

Soulstice Berlin, Kleancolor Black, Soulstice Kiev

Holiday Nail Art Challenge Week 1: Snow!

I recently got an invitation from Nail Polish Canada to participate in a holiday nail art challenge contest they’re holding. This is week one of three, and the theme for the week is snow! Something I’m glad to say we haven’t really had much of here yet – it was snowing off and on today actually, for the first time of the season, but it didn’t accumulate at all. 🙂

Orly Au Champagne and Zoya Twila

Here is my snow mani – the base is two coats of Orly Au Champagne, with a gradient of Zoya Twila overtop.

Orly Au Champagne and Zoya Twila

The snowflakes are loose white bar glitter and hex glitter that I fixed into place with a thick layer of Poshe topcoat over everything.

Orly Au Champagne and Zoya Twila

The little silver, blue and holographic bar glitters in Twila make for an interesting textured night sky backdrop for the snowflakes, in my humble opinion 😉

Orly Au Champagne and Zoya Twila

Be sure to check out all the other entries of the week here and vote for your favourite! 🙂

Orly Au Champagne and Zoya Twila

No Miss Casselberry Cream and comparisons

Today I have a polish from No Miss to show you. No Miss is one of the traditionally vegan brands of nail polish often sold by online vegan stores.

No Miss Casselberry Cream

This is Casselberry Cream, a peachy off-white jelly polish. Shown are four coats of polish over two coats of ridge-filling base coat.

No Miss Casselberry Cream

It applied really nicely, not streaky like a lot of pale sheer polishes are, and it self-levels. The four coats were just to build up the colour so my stained nails didn’t show through (even with the ridge filler, they’re kind of orange these days, too many bright coral polishes!), not because of streaks.

No Miss Casselberry Cream

There is no top coat here; it’s a very glossy polish on its own.

No Miss Casselberry Cream

I was really pleasantly surprised by this polish; it doesn’t look like much in the bottle, yet another pale sheer nude, but I really like its jelly finish and the formula was unexpectedly good for this type of shade!

No Miss Casselberry Cream

I compared Casselberry Cream to some other similar polishes I have: from left to right, No Miss Casselberry Cream, Zoya Lucy, OPI Barre My Soul, and Orly My Beau.

No Miss Casselberry Cream, Zoya Lucy, OPI Barre My Soul, Orly My Beau

Again, I did two coats of ridge filler before applying the polishes, and used four coats of each polish for comparison’s sake.

No Miss Casselberry Cream, Zoya Lucy, OPI Barre My Soul, Orly My Beau

Left to right: No Miss Casselberry Cream, Zoya Lucy, OPI Barre My Soul, Orly My Beau

As you can see, they each have a different off-white tone; Casselberry Cream is more peach, Lucy is white with slight yellow undertones and is also the most sheer of the bunch, Barre My Soul has a pink undertone, and My Beau is the yellowest and the most opaque at four coats. My Beau was also the streakiest of them, and needed the fourth coat to smooth out all the patchiness. I didn’t wait all that long between coats since it was just a comparison, and by the end I had a few bubbles starting to form, mainly but not only in the OPI (but I find bubbles develop more easily on my ridgey ring finger in general, so that’s probably not the OPI’s fault). So, I recommend waiting several minutes between coats, although I suppose that’s pretty much a given when you’re applying four coats of any polish!

No Miss Casselberry Cream, Zoya Lucy, OPI Barre My Soul, Orly My Beau

Left to right: No Miss Casselberry Cream, Zoya Lucy, OPI Barre My Soul, Orly My Beau

And here is Azrael on top of my Helmers! ❤

Fixing a Break

A couple of weeks ago I had a nail tragedy involving my index finger and a new adjustable patio chair (horrors!! haha!). So I thought I would document what I did to fix it in order to turn my misfortune into something useful! Warning for the faint of heart: if you don’t like photos of nails broken off, you may not want to look at the third pic! (no blood was involved, though, so it’s really not so bad!) 😉 And to end on more pleasant images, the last part of the post will feature nails of the day as well as a kitty! 😀

The items I used to fix the break are: rubbing alcohol, polish remover pad, buffing block, nail file, nail glue, small scissors, fiberglass nail wraps.

The two main tools are of course the wraps and the glue. The glue I used is by Beauty Secrets, and the fiberglass wraps are “the Rap Fiber Mesh” by Originails. I got both at Sally Beauty Supply.

And, the promised photo of what I was up against:

Yikes! Right at the quick!

The first thing I did was to clean the nail using the remover pad and some rubbing alcohol (no photo of that step). Then, I applied a little nail glue to the broken surface and glued down the loose edge.

Since that edge gluing probably wouldn’t last very long on its own, the next step was to get out the fiberglass wraps. I’ve heard you can also use a piece of a tea bag for this, which is a cheaper option, and more convenient if you don’t happen to have wraps on hand!

These wraps consist of strips of different widths pre-cut into each piece of wrap, so first I chose the strip whose width most closely matched my nail and cut a small piece off the end. I then trimmed a little bit off the side to get the exact width I needed.

Next, I peeled off the backing and applied the sticky side of the wrap to the nail. This part needs to be done gently as the wrap material is very soft and flexible and could easily lose its shape and become unravelled or stuck together.

I used the scissors to trim as much as I could of the excess wrap over the end of the nail.

Time to get out the glue again. This particular glue comes in a tube with a long yellow stopper built into the cap that is supposed to prevent the opening of the tube from getting blocked by dried up glue.

I dabbed a layer of glue over the whole surface of the wrap, using just enough to saturate the mesh.

It dries fairly quickly.

Once the glue was dry, I filed the edge of the nail to remove any roughness and lumpiness.

I then lightly filed the top of the nail for the same reason.

I also applied a tiny bit of glue under the free edge at each side using the long yellow stopper, right on the underside of the break. (This could have been done before starting to file but I didn’t think of it until then!)

I used the point of my nail file to make sure I wasn’t getting glue all over my hyponychium (the skin right under the free edge of the nail).

Here is the result after I finished lightly filing down the lumpy spots.

Next, to smooth out the wrap’s surface as much as I could, I used a four-sided buffing block.

I used each of the four sides in succession from coarse to fine. You have to be careful to find that balance between having an uneven surface versus filing and buffing so much that you’ve actually filed off the wrap that was just applied!

Voilà! The fixed nail after buffing.

To show the fix in action, here is the manicure I did right after fixing the nail!

I did a bit of a jelly sandwich, but then added more glitter on top because it was too subtle for my mood. Unfortunately there was no sun so these photos are in overcast natural light.

This is two coats of OPI Barre My Soul from the spring Ballet collection, followed by a coat of Orly Spazmatic from the recent Glam FX glitter collection. Then one more coat of the OPI and one more coat of the Orly glitter. Spazmatic also has tiny little flecks of iridescent blue shimmer in it, which makes it pretty unique and interesting!

When changing my polish, I used non-acetone remover on the index finger with the nail wrap, since acetone would break down the nail glue more quickly. It lasted for about a week fully intact until it peeled up a little at the cutucle edge and I broke off the peeled-up part (a couple millimetres) and buffed the rough edge a bit. But, around then I also started not bothering with the non-acetone remover anymore, and the wrap started disintegrating quicker. Now it’s mostly gone, but my nail has also grown out a bit. I may apply another wrap just to the end of the nail to hold it for another week or two until I can file off all the remaining evidence of the break.

So there you have it, my nail-fixing method. It’s not perfect (if you notice anything unusual about my index finger in some of the posts just before and after this one, that would be why! and I did a couple of marathon swatching sessions while I had this wrap on, so these posts will be appearing for a while! I’m curious whether the wrap is noticeable in the pics…) but hey, it works pretty well!

And now, I leave you with my little helper, Julius! 😀

White Creme Comparison

Today I’ve got a comparison to show you of the plain white creme polishes that I own. As you’ll see, one of the four is the clear winner in terms of opacity and formula!

White creme comparison

From left to right, we have: Color Club French Tip, Kleancolor White, Sally Girl Pure, and Milani White on the Spot. This is the order in which I acquired these polishes, and getting the Milani from their fast-dry line with its supposed “one coat formula” is what prompted the comparison. I was skeptical and figured that was total BS since white cremes are notoriously streaky and badly-behaved, but as it turns out, the Milani white is actually *almost* a one-coater so the claim is only a slight exaggeration!

This first photo shows one coat of each polish, index to pinkie (bottom to top) in the same order as the bottles. I applied them all with a fairly thick coat (basically just not wiping off the brush on the bottle rim before applying), since whites and pastels usually benefit from a light touch rather than applying a lot of very thin coats which tend to go on streakier.

White creme comparison - 1 coat

As you can see, the Milani on the pinkie is actually not bad, some bald areas but not too streaky looking! The other three polishes were very similar to one another (in terms of how the photo looks, the Sally Girl on my ring finger has an unfair disadvantage here, since that nail has the most ridges and for some reason has more of an orange stain than the others!). They were streakier and less self-leveling than the Milani. My mini bottle of Kleancolor needed a few drops of thinner in it, but that was no doubt just due to the fact that it’s the one I’ve actually used the most. I actually prefer the Kleancolor’s thick consistency among those three other polishes.

Here they are at two coats (without top coat). You can see that the Milani on my pinkie is the most opaque and smoothest; the others are slightly ridged lengthwise since they don’t self-level as well as the Milani. In terms of drying time, I didn’t really notice the Milani being much quicker than the others or anything, but they all dried fairly quickly.

White creme comparison - 2 coats

Next I wanted to compare them in terms of how well they do for stamping. As a base I used one coat of Kleancolor Plum (followed by some quick dry top coat), then I used a design from Konad plate M15 and stamped on each polish in the same order as before (here, left to right). Please disregard the smudged/missing and crooked parts (augh, that pinkie!); that’s just user error and not the polishes!! They all worked pretty similarly but the Milani and the Color Club gave a slightly brighter white image.

White creme comparison - stamping

Next I stamped using the French tip designs from Konad M86. (Polishes are in the same order index to pinkie, so now, right to left.) As you can see they don’t work so well for these larger-area images, though the actual gaps in the design are more user error than anything else. None of them leaves a very opaque image though; the stamps all have a sort of rippled look to them. Not sure if that could be reduced a bit by using a lighter touch when transferring the image onto the stamper. Again the Milani and Color Club give a slightly brighter result.

White creme comparison - stamping

After stamping on the French tips I carefully went over them again with polish, just brushing it on, to fill them in and attempt to make them somewhat presentable. Here’s the result; all of them worked fine for this but the Milani did give the smoothest result. In terms of brushes, I should mention that the Fast Dry Milanis have a flat wide brush, similar to OPI and Kleancolor brushes. (Even the Kleancolor minis have a flat brush, though on a smaller scale. The other two polishes here have skinny round brushes.)

White creme comparison - french tips

Another photo featuring Wade in the background!

So there you have it; best white creme polish in my (albeit limited) experience is definitely Milani’s White on the Spot!