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Il était un vernis Matcha Doing Today?, Picture Polish Honeymoon, and stamping

I’ve got a couple of lovely pastel holos with glass-flecks and shimmer to show you today. 


The lime green is Il était un vernis Matcha Doing Today? and the seafoam /minty blue-green is Picture Polish Honeymoon. First two photos under Ottlite. 


I used three coats each plus top coat. Flash photos:

iletaitunvernis_matchadoingtoday_picturepolish_honeymoon_flash4 iletaitunvernis_matchadoingtoday_picturepolish_honeymoon_flash3 iletaitunvernis_matchadoingtoday_picturepolish_honeymoon_flash2 iletaitunvernis_matchadoingtoday_picturepolish_honeymoon_flash 

I then added stamping using Colour Alike “A Blue Ocean” over Matcha Doing Today and “A Fresh Mojito” over Honeymoon. The image is from It Girl plate 101. 

iletaitunvernis_matchadoingtoday_picturepolish_honeymoon_colouralike_afreshmojito_ablueocean_stamping4 iletaitunvernis_matchadoingtoday_picturepolish_honeymoon_colouralike_afreshmojito_ablueocean_stamping3 iletaitunvernis_matchadoingtoday_picturepolish_honeymoon_colouralike_afreshmojito_ablueocean_stamping2 iletaitunvernis_matchadoingtoday_picturepolish_honeymoon_colouralike_afreshmojito_ablueocean_stamping


Pretty and Polished Old Green River and Sand Art, and Maya Cosmetics Deuces

This post is heavy on indies and heavy on green. 😀

Maya Cosmetics Deuces, a creamy chartreuse green with subtle holo, two coats:

Maya Cosmetics Deuces

In overcast light:

Maya Cosmetics Deuces

With one thick layer of Pretty and Polished Sand Art on the middle finger, with flash:

Maya Cosmetics Deuces and Pretty and Polished Sand Art

Next, Pretty and Polished Old Green River, an unfortunately discontinued amazing glowy green with gold shimmer, also two coats, under Ott lite:

Pretty and Polished Old Green River

With flash:

Pretty and Polished Old Green River

Under halogen light;

Pretty and Polished Old Green River

With one thick coat of Sand Art overtop:

Pretty and Polished Sand Art over Old Green River

Pretty and Polished Sand Art over Old Green River

With topcoat overtop:

Pretty and Polished Sand Art over Old Green River

Pretty and Polished Sand Art over Old Green River

I love all three of these!!

Authority Cosmetics Swatches and Review

Today I have four polishes to show you from the relatively-new brand of vegan polishes, Authority Cosmetics. Two cremes, a slight duochrome shimmer, and a glitter topper – let’s get started with the swatches, shall we? 😀

Authority Cosmetics Disco

This great lime green creme is Disco. I used two coats.

Authority Cosmetics Disco

The formula was thick and pigmented and went on without streaks; I was really impressed!

Authority Cosmetics Disco

The glitter topper, I Heart You, has a clear pink base and is filled with small iridescent glitter and pink and red heart-shaped glitter. I applied one thick coat over Disco and wasn’t sure if it would work out with the green and pink layered, but it turned into a really great olive green shade! I think it actually ended up being my favourite combo with I Heart You! A couple of swirls of the brush generally brought out 1-3 hearts from the bottle without trouble, and there was a little placement of hearts involved to get them distributed evenly on the nail.

Authority Cosmetics Disco and I Heart You

The second shade, Paradise, is a medium bright blue creme, also thick and pigmented like Disco. In fact, this swatch shows just one thick coat.

Authority Cosmetics Paradise

I probably should have done two thinner coats instead of one thick, since I ended up getting a few tiny bubbles as it dried, but I wanted to see if it covered in a single layer.

Authority Cosmetics Paradise

The sun had gone away so this next pic is under the Ott lite:

Authority Cosmetics Paradise

Here is one coat of I Heart You over Paradise, turning it a dusty periwinkle. Sorry for the little bald spots in the glitter; I didn’t notice until I took the photos!

Authority Cosmetics Paradise with I Heart You

Authority Cosmetics Paradise with I Heart You

Last but certainly not least, the duochrome, Emerald Sky. This is a shimmery green-teal-blue subtle duochrome in a smoky, slightly blue-purple base! (These first photos in natural light are a little too blue, and the later ones under Ott and halogen light are more colour accurate.)

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky

The base is sheer to let the shimmer show through, and the formula is thinner than the other polishes. It builds to a nice glowy colour in just two coats though, which is what is shown here.

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky

Under Ott Lite:

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky

With flash:

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky

Here it is again under Ott lite, with a layer of I Heart You on the ring finger:

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky with I Heart You

I also did a comparison with one coat over black versus two coats alone (bottom to top in the photos).

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky alone and over black

Applying over black makes the look more opaque and dark, but doesn’t really change much about the colour shift. At an extreme angle, you can see the shimmer shifts more to blue.

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky alone and over black

This last photo is under halogen light.

Authority Cosmetics Emerald Sky alone and over black

Authority Cosmetics is available on their website here. They have just 10 colours so far, but if they’re all like the ones I’ve reviewed here, the quality is great! I have to say I am impressed with these! 🙂

Disclosure: The polishes in this post were provided for review. Opinions expressed are my own honest opinions.

More From the Vault

My apologies for the lack of posts! Things have just been super busy lately! So I thought I’d post another group of photos from several years ago that I just never got around to posting and don’t necessarily have the info on number of coats, formula etc. anymore.

OPI Fiercely Fiona with Nicole by OPI Brilliant Idea on the accent finger.





A frankenpolish that I call Firecracker. The ingredients for this are Martha Stewart glitter in fire opal (which does bleed colour into the base, but not too much) and some of the LA Girl Glitter Addict polishes in orange, fuchsia, and red.






OPI Absolutely Alice with half moons in Nubar Night Sparkle.



OPI and Apple Pie, a classic “ugly” shade, under the Ott Lite.


OPI Don’t Talk Bach to Me and Glow Up Already, and a franken

I’m trying something new today! I downloaded an app to add watermarks to photos on my phone, so that I can actually post pictures I’ve taken with my phone straight from my phone without having to forego the watermark (stupid WordPress app doesn’t allow access to the blog’s media library, which is another related problem). It’s kind of neat because with this app the size, orientation and placement of the watermark can also be changed unlike the software I normally use on my laptop. Only thing I don’t like is that there’s no option that I can see to change the name of the image file, so the photos just have numbers for names and that can only be changed using the full WordPress site…


Anyway, here’s a mani! 🙂 This is OPI Don’t Talk Bach to Me from the Germany collection, with a glitter gradient of OPI Glow Up Already from the Burlesque collection, and Poshe topcoat over everything. Photos in natural overcast light.


I used two coats of Don’t Talk Bach to Me, a light yellow-green with a creme base and some slight shimmer, and I found the formula kind of thick. I’ll probably add some thinner before using it again.


Glow Up Already is a dense fine glitter in a lot of colours, especially gold, green, and orange, with an overall look of golden lime green.

The next day, I added two coats of a frankenpolish that I made which contains teal square glitter, yellow, copper and champagne gold hex glitter, and gold glass flecks. Under my Ott light:


The main polishes I used were Kleancolor Tiara Gold, LA Girl Glitter Addict in Flashy, NYX salon formula 24K Glitter, and Wet n Wild The Gold and the Beautiful. Overcast natural light:


The teal square glitter was from Glitter Unique, if I recall correctly. This last photo is in partially sunny natural light:


I’m really happy with how this franken turned out! 🙂

Misa Good to be Green and Comparisons

Good To Be Green is a new apple-green creme polish from Misa’s Hot Summer collection. Since I love this colour, I couldn’t pass it up, although I was sure I already owned a dupe. Turns out I was wrong!

Misa Good to be Green

I found the formula a little thin when I tried it; this is two coats, the second somewhat thick. I actually had some pooling due to the thinness of the polish, which is rare for me these days, but in the end it turned out fine, nice and opaque.

Misa Good to be Green

I thought this one would be the same as Orly Green Apple, but it turns out not to be. The Orly is on my index, the Misa on my middle finger. As you can see, the Misa is a deeper green; the Orly is several shades lighter. I also applied the Orly in two coats, the second being thick.

Orly Green Apple, Misa Good to be Green, OPI Who the Shrek are You, Zoya Mitzi

I included a couple of other polishes in the comparison to show that they’re basically in a different shade family – OPI Who the Shrek Are You? on my ring finger, and Zoya Mitzi on my pinkie, both much more yellow than Good to Be Green.

Orly Green Apple, Misa Good to be Green, OPI Who the Shrek are You, Zoya Mitzi

Who the Shrek Are You? was also a bit thin (everything seemed to be applying thin that day, and yet it was very hot and humid; I thought I might be in the Twilight Zone…) and I used three coats since it was on my ridgey ring finger.

Orly Green Apple, Misa Good to be Green, OPI Who the Shrek are You, Zoya Mitzi

A shade or two lighter than Who the Shrek Are You?, Zoya Mitzi is a very yellow-based neon lime matte polish; here I added topcoat to it for the sake of the comparison with the other glossy cremes. Mitzi was streaky to apply and prone to dragging, so I used three coats to cover some bald spots and streaks.

This is another comparison that would make a nice ombre mani! I love the progression of these bright green shades.

NYX Girls Pure Green and LA Girls Purge

A little late, but this was my requisite green manicure last Saturday for St. Patrick’s Day! This is NYX Girls Pure Green with accent nails in Purge from the LA Girl Glitter Addict line.

Shown are two coats of Pure Green, a jellyish kelly green, layered with two coats of Purge on the accent nails, with top coat. Pure Green has a nice smooth formula and these were two medium-thick coats. I got a few tiny bubbles from slopping on a bit too much top coat, but they weren’t very noticeable. Overcast natural light.

NYX Girls Pure Green with LA Girl Glitter Addict Purge

Wet n Wild On the Prowl (partial) collection

Wet n Wild Cougar Attack

On Halloween I posted Wet n Wild’s Cougar Attack (an awesome brown jelly with orangey-copper glitter, shown again above) from their limited edition and annoyingly hard to find On the Prowl Halloween collection; here are the other polishes I got from the same collection.

Buy Me a Drink
Wet n Wild Buy Me a Drink
Wet n Wild Buy Me a Drink
A gorgeous glowy shimmery plum burgundy. This is my favourite from the collection after Cougar Attack. Shown is three coats, no top coat (none of these photos have top coat).

Ready to Pounce
Wet n Wild Ready to Pounce
Wet n Wild Ready to Pounce
Wet n Wild Ready to Pounce
This is a blue-based purple with red-purple shimmer. It’s also nice and glowy, though less so than Buy Me a Drink. This was two coats, but it could have used three because of the crappy brush (more about that later). The colour is off in the last photo, but it shows off the shimmer really well if you click on it for the larger version.

Jungle Fever
Wet n Wild Jungle Fever
A light grass green shimmer with metallic shimmer particles. This was three coats.

Tangled in My Web
Wet n Wild Jungle Fever and Tangled in My Web
Medium-sized, opaque black hex glitter in a clear base. This is one thick coat over Jungle Fever, sort of dabbed on more than just brushed on, which is how I usually apply polishes like this. I really like this one too.

I decided to turn the Jungle Fever – Tangled in My Web layering into a jelly sandwich by adding a coat of Barry M Lime overtop. Here it is in natural light and then under a lamp.
Wet n Wild Jungle Fever and Tangled in My Web, with Barry M Lime
Wet n Wild Jungle Fever and Tangled in My Web, with Barry M Lime

I did have application problems with the shimmers from this collection. I don’t know if I was just unlucky, but the brushes were awful. Uneven bristles that leave big drag marks all down the nail. The formula of the polish is thick and not very self-leveling too, which certainly doesn’t help with the drag marks! Cougar Attack had a better brush than the shimmers, or perhaps I just didn’t notice anything since it’s a glitter polish so I expected it to end up a bit bumpy. I didn’t notice any issues with the brush on Tangled in My Web, but then since it’s a clear layering glitter, again, it’s quite possible that I just didn’t notice since it applies so much differently.

Anyway, this collection has some great shades, brush problem notwithstanding! My favourites are Cougar Attack, Buy Me a Drink, and Tangled in My Web. The other two shades in the collection that I didn’t end up getting are Behind Closed Doors (I have NYX Girls Dorothy which from what I can tell online is a dupe with a much better formula) and Correction Tape, a multi-coloured layering hex glitter.