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LA Girl Allure, Orly Ablaze, Black Dahlia Lacquer Fuchsia Flower, and stamping

Here’s a kind of skittley mani, due to a comparison I wanted to do. It started out as LA Girl Allure with an accent nail of Black Dahlia Lacquer Fuchsia Flower, but then I switched my index nail to Orly Ablaze since I wanted to see how it compared to Allure. 


Ablaze is more orange, while Allure is more coral, and of course they have different shimmer as well; Orly’s gold shimmer is larger flecks while the LA Girl’s is very fine. 


Fuchsia Flower has blue glass flecks in it, which aren’t showing up very well on the nail in these pics but you can see clearly in the bottle below. 


I stamped on the mani using Fingerpaints Minimalistic Mauve (over the coral/orange nails) and Picturesque Purple (over Fuchsia Flower), and plate Hehe-040. 





With flash:



Indigo Bananas Spring 2015


Better late than never? I’ve got skittle swatches of the Indigo Bananas Spring 2015 collection today. I used three coats for each plus top coat, and the swatch photos are all with flash. 

Holding the bottle of Saffron Revolution:


Holding the bottle of Land of Green Ginger:


Holding the bottle of Jacaranda:

Holding the bottle of Fluffy Little Clouds:

Holding the bottle of Cherry Blossom Roads (which is on my thumb and is shown in the next pics):

Thumb to pinkie: Cherry Blossom Roads, Saffron Revolution, Land of Green Ginger, Fluffy Little Clouds, Jacaranda. 



Love these pretty pastels with contrasting glass flecks! Here are some pics showing the colours of the glass fleck shimmer in the bottles:


From left, Jacaranda’s glass flecks shift from pink to gold. Fluffy Little Clouds and Saffron Revolution have the most similar shimmer among the five shades. 


But, you can see that Fluffy Little Clouds has purple to pink glass flecks while Saffron Revolution seems to have those same ones plus some turquoise ones. 


Cherry Blossome Roads has turquoise-green glass flecks while Land of Green Ginger’s are golden. 

The Great Evolving Black Dahlia Lacquer Manicure/Comparison

Warning, long and picture heavy post! I had a Black Dahlia Lacquer mani that just kept evolving! Except where noted, these were all two coats plus top coat.

Part 1, left hand – Striped Peonies with Rose Petals, under Ottlite:


With flash:



These two have a similar crelly finish with tons of colour-shifting glass fleck shimmer.



Part 1, right hand, Rose Petals with Striped Peonies, under Ottlite:


With flash:

I decided to then pair Striped Peonies (on the right) with 90 in November (on the left) to do a little purple comparison – 90 in November is much warmer in tone and has a foil finish with some added glass flecks:


Part 2, left hand, Striped Peonies with 90 in November, under Ottlite:


With flash:


Part 2, right hand, 90 in November with Striped Peonies, under Ottlite:


With flash:


Part 3, left hand, Blooming Sunflowers with 90 in November, in sunlight:


Under Ottlite:


With flash:


Part 3, right hand, 90 in November with Blooming Sunflowers, stamped with Fingerpaints Picturesque Purple and plate Pueen 08, in sunlight:


I then wanted to compare Blooming Sunflowers to Strawberry Fields; here they are in the bottles, not as close in colour as I’d thought – Blooming Sunflowers leans a lot more toward red, and its gold flakes are much larger and more prominent:


Part 4, left hand, Blooming Sunflowers with Strawberry Fields. I used three coats of Strawberry Fields here, just because I smudged it a bit after the second. In sunlight:




I didn’t take a picture of the right hand for Part 4.

Since Strawberry Fields was a lot pinker than Blooming Sunflowers, I then decided to compare it to Rose Petals:



Rose Petals is a cooler pink, with pink shifting glass fleck shimmer, whereas the shimmer in Strawberry Fields is all tiny gold flakes and is less prominent once on the nail.

For the last version of the mani, I did an ombré/skittle-type thing, adding both Rose Petals and Dandelion Explosion, a coral crelly with peach and coral matte glitters, to the previous version. So here we have Part 5, index to pinkie: Dandelion Explosion (three coats – it’s also the bottle I’m holding), Blooming Sunflowers, Strawberry Fields, and Rose Petals:





Part 5, right hand, thumb to pinkie: Blooming Sunflowers, Dandelion Explosion, Strawberry Fields, Blooming Sunflowers stamped with Fingerpaints Picturesque Purple, Rose Petals:




Pastel Skittles Mani

Just a quick post today to share a recent pastel skittles (each nail a different colour, for those who aren’t familiar with nail-polish-addict-speak ;)) manicure I did. I felt like doing something spring-like and cool-toned, and here are the polishes I decided on: Essence You Belong To Me, Milani Original, Essence A Lovely Secret, Milani Dressmaker, and Milani Antique.

Essence You Belong To Me, Milani Original, Essence A Lovely Secret, Milani Dressmaker, Milani Antique

Essence You Belong To Me is a pastel turquoise creme with some fine pearly secret shimmer; Milani Original is a mint green creme; Essence A Lovely Secret is a lavender creme with fine warmer-toned and slightly darker magenta-purple glitter; Milani Dressmaker is a pale minty jade with turquoise shimmer; Milani Antique is a slightly muted/dusty light blue creme with fine pearly secret shimmer. Three coats of each polish (actually I think I added a fourth of Dressmaker, since it’s a pretty sheer polish).

Unfortunately there was no sun when I wore this, so the shimmer of the polishes doesn’t show up very well in the photos, although if you click to enlarge them you can see some, especially in the first photo. These pics include topcoat; I had been wearing the mani a while when I took them. Overcast natural light:

Essence You Belong To Me, Milani Original, Essence A Lovely Secret, Milani Dressmaker, Milani Antique

Essence You Belong To Me, Milani Original, Essence A Lovely Secret, Milani Dressmaker, Milani Antique

Artificial light (Ott light) – the colours are truer in this photo, as the previous ones make them seem a little darker than they are:

Essence You Belong To Me, Milani Original, Essence A Lovely Secret, Milani Dressmaker, Milani Antique