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Nubar Affair is a teal green jelly with lots of fine gold shimmer particles. I’d say this first (phone) photo is the most colour-accurate; the others seem slightly too blue. 


I used three coats plus top coat; as you can see there’s still a little visible nail line in certain lights. 





I did a comparison to two other similar polishes. Top to bottom in the photo below: Pretty Serious Khepri’s Amulet (two coats), Nubar Affair, NYX Jungle (four coats), Nubar Affair. 


Khepri’s Amulet is slightly greener than Affair and is more brushstokey with its frostier metallic finish. NYX Jungle is more sheer than Affair, and on the nail its gold shimmer is more distinct from the base. 


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  1. This is super pretty. But did it stain? Those turquoisey-blues always do a number on my nails. Speaking of, I love the new shape you’re rocking – very fierce!

    • It did a little, but I used some Orly Cutique right after removing and it completely disappeared. I think the base coat (Pretty Serious Force Field) I’ve been using over my treatment coat helps prevent stains, so that may have helped it not be too bad as well!

      And thanks! I like this shape a lot! (But I did just break off the tip of my right thumb on my bag strap yesterday. 😦 Actually I’m surprised it lasted that long, I jammed it right into a metal door frame last week and it bent like 90 degrees, so I guess I should feel lucky that I got an extra week out of it before it snapped off!)

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