A vegan nail polish blog. A celebration of colour and light, as well as of justice for nonhuman animals.

Welcome to Vegan Claws!

Hi and welcome!

My name is Jo and I’m an abolitionist vegan who loves nail polish. Colours make me happy! Since I’m vegan, I’ve done quite a bit of research into which polishes are suitable for vegans, that is, without animal ingredients and without animal testing involved in their creation. I started Vegan Claws to share this information with others, as well as to post photos and reviews of vegan nail polishes.

Nonhuman animals are sentient beings and we humans don’t need to use them for cosmetics like nail polish, nor for food, clothing, or other purposes, so if you agree that it’s wrong to unnecessarily harm an animal, I hope you will take the steps needed to put your actions into alignment with the values that you already hold. It’s easier than ever to go vegan! For more information on veganism please see my Why Veganism? pages. Need advice, help or support with respect to going vegan? Feel free to contact me at veganclaws{at}gmail{dot}com!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog! 🙂


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  1. Hi! I was wondering if sinful colors was cruelty free? I’m having a hard time finding some clear info on this. THX much!

    • Hi Cleo, I’ve heard that it is, but I was having trouble confirming from the company itself – couldn’t find up-to-date contact info. But I’m going to try again!

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