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I’m really liking textured polishes, but at first I wasn’t too sure about the ones that aren’t glittery and sparkly. I think they’ve grown on me, though!

Jordana Wild Shore and Yellow Madness

These two are by Jordana, which is made by the same company that makes Milani. These seem to be the exact same polishes as Milani’s Texture Creams, only they were a couple dollars cheaper so I got these instead!

Jordana Wild Shore

I started out with Wild Shore, a teal green creme with texture. I can’t remember whether I did two or three coats, and I don’t seem to have written it down. I do remember having a little trouble with application, as I found these really need thin coats in order to get the best finish (so I’m thinking I probably ended up doing three thin coats), and at first I was making my coats too thick. Then I was trying to find the right balance between thin coats but having enough polish on the brush.

Jordana Wild Shore

But I’m really happy with the way it turned out! I then sponged on a gradient using Jordana Yellow Madness along with Wild Shore.

Jordana Wild Shore and Yellow Madness

I love the combination of yellow and turquoise! And the sponging really brings out the texture of these polishes, since the sponging technique leaves less polish on top of the texture particles. Looks really sugary and crystalline!

Jordana Wild Shore and Yellow Madness


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  1. Awesome! The texture really makes the gradient more oomph-y!

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