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I picked up two of the China Glaze Magnetix polishes a couple of months ago, Cling On and You Move Me (green and brown respectively), along with the China Glaze magnet. Here is the alternating mani I did with these two polishes. Photos are all indoor with flash; it was very overcast when I took them and the non-flash photos I took didn’t show the magnetic designs very well at all.

China Glaze Cling On (green) and You Move Me (brown) with magnet

I used two coats of each polish, one as a base layer and then used the star magnet over the second coat. I added top coat before taking the photos. I’ve heard that many people don’t like the China Glaze magnet; personally I thought it was fine and didn’t really have much trouble using it, but then again it’s the first magnet I’ve used aside from this one strong fridge magnet I have! As you can see I did have a bit of trouble with centering the design, especially on the pinkie, though. I haven’t tried the other two designs on the China Glaze magnet, just the star.

China Glaze Cling On (green) and You Move Me (brown)

I didn’t really like these polishes as much as I thought I would, especially the green. It seems weird to say since the magnetic design does give an illusion of depth and texture, but the colour on that one just feels flat to me. Maybe if it had a bit of golden shimmer in there somewhere… Maybe I need to try it by itself and with the other magnet designs. The brown one, You Move Me, I do kind of like. More recently I got one of the Color Club magnetics, the coppery one, and I have a feeling I’ll like that one better; it looks like the shimmer has a lot more depth to it!

China Glaze Cling On (green) and You Move Me (brown) with magnet

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