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Echoes Polish Now You See Me and stamping

Echoes Polish is a Canadian indie that makes all vegan friendly polishes and is most well-known for their thermal polishes. Today I have Now You See Me to show you. When cold, it’s a dusty sage green colour, and it has beautiful green glass flecks throughout. Shown are three coats plus topcoat.



I had a couple of helpers while swatching 🙂 – Thor:



and Seymour:echoespolish_nowyouseeme_seymour

When warm, Now You See Me changes to a taupe-beige colour, making the green glass flecks really stand out. The shade was inspired by camouflage print. Here it is in transition and fully warm:






I decided to stamp it with a wavy stripe pattern from Hehe stamping plate Hehe-029, using China Glaze Con-fused (the green magnetic). Cold state, in the shade:


With flash:



Mostly warm, with flash:





The Great Evolving Black Dahlia Lacquer Manicure/Comparison

Warning, long and picture heavy post! I had a Black Dahlia Lacquer mani that just kept evolving! Except where noted, these were all two coats plus top coat.

Part 1, left hand – Striped Peonies with Rose Petals, under Ottlite:


With flash:



These two have a similar crelly finish with tons of colour-shifting glass fleck shimmer.



Part 1, right hand, Rose Petals with Striped Peonies, under Ottlite:


With flash:

I decided to then pair Striped Peonies (on the right) with 90 in November (on the left) to do a little purple comparison – 90 in November is much warmer in tone and has a foil finish with some added glass flecks:


Part 2, left hand, Striped Peonies with 90 in November, under Ottlite:


With flash:


Part 2, right hand, 90 in November with Striped Peonies, under Ottlite:


With flash:


Part 3, left hand, Blooming Sunflowers with 90 in November, in sunlight:


Under Ottlite:


With flash:


Part 3, right hand, 90 in November with Blooming Sunflowers, stamped with Fingerpaints Picturesque Purple and plate Pueen 08, in sunlight:


I then wanted to compare Blooming Sunflowers to Strawberry Fields; here they are in the bottles, not as close in colour as I’d thought – Blooming Sunflowers leans a lot more toward red, and its gold flakes are much larger and more prominent:


Part 4, left hand, Blooming Sunflowers with Strawberry Fields. I used three coats of Strawberry Fields here, just because I smudged it a bit after the second. In sunlight:




I didn’t take a picture of the right hand for Part 4.

Since Strawberry Fields was a lot pinker than Blooming Sunflowers, I then decided to compare it to Rose Petals:



Rose Petals is a cooler pink, with pink shifting glass fleck shimmer, whereas the shimmer in Strawberry Fields is all tiny gold flakes and is less prominent once on the nail.

For the last version of the mani, I did an ombré/skittle-type thing, adding both Rose Petals and Dandelion Explosion, a coral crelly with peach and coral matte glitters, to the previous version. So here we have Part 5, index to pinkie: Dandelion Explosion (three coats – it’s also the bottle I’m holding), Blooming Sunflowers, Strawberry Fields, and Rose Petals:





Part 5, right hand, thumb to pinkie: Blooming Sunflowers, Dandelion Explosion, Strawberry Fields, Blooming Sunflowers stamped with Fingerpaints Picturesque Purple, Rose Petals:




Zoya Rayne and Northern Star Polish Sweet Alice

I have two pretty blues to show today; unfortunately I didn’t get the greatest pics of them but here they are! First one under Ott Lite, others with flash. 


Zoya Rayne is from the recent spring Delight collection. It has great turquoise glassfleck shimmer. I used three coats plus topcoat. 


The accent nail is Northern Star Polish Sweet Alice, a creamy blue with subtle shimmer flecks. Also three coats plus top coat.  


Love these shimmery blues!


Black Dahlia Lacquer – Lime Green Daisies, Lilac Petals, and Bleeding Hearts

Today I’ve got three beautiful Black Dahlia Lacquer polishes to show you! The first one is Lime Green Daisies, which was from the New Year’s multichrome flake duo. It’s a metallic, yellow-toned pastel green with copper-pink/green multichrome flakes, strong gold shimmer, and turquoise glass flecks. I used two coats plus top coat for this swatch.






Under Ott Lite:


Next is Lilac Petals; this was the exclusive extra polish I received in a ‘buy 4 petite-sized polishes get an exclusive petite polish free’ sale not long ago. It’s got a denim blue base with metallic red-maroon flakes and pink and blue glass flecks. The photos show two coats, no top coat. Love!





In the shade:


And the third polish I have to show today is Bleeding Hearts. This is from the Valentine’s Day collection. It’s an almost-neon pinky purple with multichrome flakies and turquoise glass flecks. I used three coats, although two would probably be fine as well, and no topcoat in this swatch.






In the shade:


All three of these are just gorgeous! Black Dahlia Lacquer really makes some great polish. 😀

Zoya India and Comparison

This burgundy-red beauty is India from Zoya’s Ignite collection of last fall. Shown in two coats, no top coat. Great formula. It’s got a ton of glass-fleck shimmer that reflects golden, red and purple tones.





Under Ott Lite:


Here’s a comparison between India and Zoya’s Anastasia, Joe Fresh Cinnamon, and FingerPaints Palette of Perfection.

Left to right: Zoya Anastasia, Zoya India, Joe Fresh Cinnamon, FingerPaints Palette of Perfection

Left to right: Zoya Anastasia, Zoya India, Joe Fresh Cinnamon, FingerPaints Palette of Perfection

Anastasia is shown in four coats; it’s a lot more sheer. It also has a more plum-leaning base, and the base is metallic instead of jellyish like India’s. I would say Anastasia is like a plum version of Zoya Autumn with its more metallic base.

Top to bottom: Zoya Anastasia, Zoya India, Joe Fresh Cinnamon, FingerPaints Palette of Perfection

Top to bottom: Zoya Anastasia, Zoya India, Joe Fresh Cinnamon, FingerPaints Palette of Perfection

Joe Fresh Cinnamon is shown in two coats like India. It’s got a lighter red base and less intense golden shimmer than India.

Left to right: Zoya Anastasia, Zoya India, Joe Fresh Cinnamon, FingerPaints Palette of Perfection

Left to right: Zoya Anastasia, Zoya India, Joe Fresh Cinnamon, FingerPaints Palette of Perfection

And finally, FingerPaints Palette of Perfection is also two coats. It’s a truer red with no hint of burgundy/purple, and its golden shimmer gives it a very warm/orangey tone.

Left to right, under Ottlite: Zoya Anastasia, Zoya India, Joe Fresh Cinnamon, FingerPaints Palette of Perfection

Left to right, under Ottlite: Zoya Anastasia, Zoya India, Joe Fresh Cinnamon, FingerPaints Palette of Perfection

Love this comparison as an ombré mani!

Top to bottom, under Ottlite: Zoya Anastasia, Zoya India, Joe Fresh Cinnamon, FingerPaints Palette of Perfection

Top to bottom, under Ottlite: Zoya Anastasia, Zoya India, Joe Fresh Cinnamon, FingerPaints Palette of Perfection

Picture Polish Tail Feather and stamping

Today I’ve got Picture Polish Tail Feather and some St. Patrick’s Day stamping!


Tail Feather has a minty, slightly yellow leaning pastel green base with very subtle scattered holo and less subtle multi-coloured glass flecks. All photos with flash except the bottle shot.


Shown in three coats, no top coat. It was a little patchy over my ridgey nails but not too bad. This next shot shows off the multi-coloured glass flecks in the bottle.


I had to add a fourth coat in the morning because silly me thought that since the polish was so shiny on its own I would leave it without topcoat and go to bed, and I woke up with sheet marks. So that’s four coats of Tail Feather underneath the stamping in the rest of the photos.


I stamped using a-England Dragon, and Bundle Monster plate BM-H05 which the folks at Nail Polish Canada sent me. Had some trouble with centring the design on my middle finger, ah well… I still like how it turned out! 🙂


Disclosure: the stamping plate in this post was provided free of charge by Nail Polish Canada.

Black Dahlia Lacquer Wild Bergamot and Illamasqua Mélange

Black Dahlia Lacquer Wild Bergamot is a medium blue-grey creme with dense gold flake shimmer. Here it is shown with flash.


This was a ‘one-batch’ polish and I just checked and it looks like unfortunately it’s already sold out as it’s no longer listed in the Black Dahlia Lacquer store. 😦 BDL people, if there’s any one-batch polish that you change your mind about and add to the permanent collection, make it this one!! 😀 I love it that much! It’s a unique shade of blue-grey in my collection.


Here it is shown in shade/overcast light:


Wade was hanging around at one point while I was photographing it, nudging my hand and then licking my wrist, so I made a collage 🙂


I added an accent V of Illamasqua Mélange on my ring finger using scotch tape to make the V shape. The rest of the photos are in the sunlight that appeared a little later yesterday.



On my right hand I did two nails in Mélange. I love Mélange as well, the gold and copper-pink flecks in the green are just perfection! I’d love to have a whole collection of shades with those flecks in them…