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Skinny Dipping is the second of two polishes I got from Misa’s Hot Summer collection for summer 2012. It’s a gorgeous neon aqua shade with blue shimmer!

Misa Skinny Dipping

The polish was fairly sheer; I think the sheerness helps add depth with the shimmer though. I used three coats here.

Misa Skinny Dipping

The consistency was a little thin on the first coat, but seemed less so by the third coat (that’s probably the effect of the humidity that day…).

Misa Skinny Dipping

The polish dries to a satin finish due to the neon pigment in it. I didn’t use any top coat for these photos, so as you can see it’s definitely not totally matte.

Misa Skinny Dipping

I really love the blue shimmer in this! In the shade:

Misa Skinny Dipping

This polish is quite unique, at least in my collection. I did a comparison to the most similar polish I have, Color Club Wicked Sweet (which itself is basically a dupe of Color Club Pure Energy; that reminds me I have some old posts still waiting in the archives that I should really get around to posting some day!). Left to right, Wicked Sweet, Skinny Dipping, Wicked Sweet, Skinny Dipping:

Misa Skinny Dipping and Color Club Wicked Sweet

These two polishes are kind of like opposites – Wicked Sweet is blue with turquoise shimmer, and Skinny Dipping is turquoise with blue shimmer!

Misa Skinny Dipping and Color Club Wicked Sweet

I also used three coats of Wicked Sweet, although it wasn’t quite as sheer as Skinny Dipping. This next photo really shows off the difference in the base colours:

Misa Skinny Dipping and Color Club Wicked Sweet

Another big difference between the two is that Wicked Sweet is scented; it has a blueberry-candy scent to it.

Misa Skinny Dipping and Color Club Wicked Sweet

I like how these two complement one another!


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  1. Hey Arlix,
    This polish has stolen my heart! I absolutely just love blue, and this color is my favorite shade of blue. This is just gorgeous–the shimmer, the shininess, the sheerness (is that a word?), and the color looks amazing on you! I think it’s perfect for your skin tone. BTW, I’ve been meaning to ask: are those your real nails? And how do you get them to grow so long?
    And: What, no kitty pics?
    Sandy xoxo

    • Hi Sandy!
      I agree, love this shade of blue!
      Yes, these are my natural nails – they’re in much better condition these days than when I started this blog (had a lot of peelies for a while!)

      I think the biggest thing I started doing was moisturizing more regularly, like several times a day and ideally after every time I wash my hands but I don’t always remember to do it that much. My favourite moisturizers are actually the most simple ones I have, pure coconut oil and shea butter (for the summer I made a mix of the two, since the coconut oil stays in liquid form this time of year but shea butter is more solid, and I really like the blend!)

      The other big thing I changed was instead of using nail clippers (since the pressure of them clipping was probably splitting layers & keeping the peelies going), using a glass nail file. Since the grit is really fine on glass ones, you can seesaw back and forth while filing without causing any weakening. It still takes a lot longer than clipping though, obviously, which brings me to my next observation: they only really get as long as they are in this post because of laziness/procrastinating filing! I try not to let them get so long because the next thing that inevitably happens is that they start breaking!

      Right now they actually look like they were in my previous post, more oval shaped, this photo was taken earlier. In the meantime I filed them to little pointy claws to get rid of some cracks on the sides of a couple (mainly my left thumb, which hasn’t appeared in too many pics lately since it had a big crack/break!), then I rounded off the claws to the ovals in my previous post.

      Which reminds me – I have a couple of old posts from last winter to post where my nails were in claw shape, one of them being the Color Club Wicked Sweet/Pure Energy comparison that I mentioned in this post. Maybe now would be a good time to post those! 😀

      And yeah, sadly there aren’t always cats hanging around when I’m taking photos! I’ll try to get some more of them soon! 😉

      • Thanks for the info, Arlix. I moisturize my hands often during the day, too. And especially after I wash my hands. If I do dishes, I find the soap very drying, so I always remember to moisturize thoroughly then. And I just got a glass file, so I’m using that instead of clippers. I’m also taking a lot of biotin, so hopefully all of the above will help.

        Yes, I would love to see the post with your ‘claws.’

        Talk to you soon! 😉

  2. Hm, I think I like Wicked Sweet better.

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