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Soulstice Spa Update

It’s funny that I ended my first post on Soulstice Spa polishes by musing about whether they would come out with some greens, because the lovely Kayse and V-Neesa of Soulstice have been in touch with me saying that coincidentally, they’re coming out with five new shades right now and a couple of them are green!  I love green (well, along with a million other colours, heheh). They will be giving me an opportunity to review some of the new colours so I should have a new Soulstice post up fairly soon!

They also mentioned that they’ll be having some giveaways soon on their facebook page for their followers, so if that interests you be sure to “like” them on facebook.

By the way, in case you’re wondering where to get these polishes, if you’re in Canada like me you can buy Soulstice Spa polishes from Nail Polish Canada as I did, otherwise you can also email them as detailed on their web site and/or check out their “where to find us” page.

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