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These were my nails of the day last Friday. I started out with Orly Flagstone Rush, a metallic reddish brown (just a bit too dark to be a copper). It’s a two-coater with a nice formula; a little bit of attention is needed to get the brush strokes straight but it’s not too hard to work with. It’s one of Orly’s core colours.

Orly Flagstone Rush

I then added some half moons (my first attempt at half moons!) in China Glaze Brownstone from their fall 2011 Metro collection, thinking its brick red-brown creme finish would complement and contrast with the metallic Orly in an interesting way. I liked how it turned out! Brownstone has a wonderful smooth and creamy formula, by the way.

Flagstone Rush and Brownstone

Then I decided to mattify it using Nubar V for Men – not sure which way I prefer, I like them both!
Flagstone Rush and Brownstone, Matte

These photos were all taken indoors in the light of my new Ott light, on account of it being dark outside!

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