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Orly Smolder

Orly Smolder is from last fall’s Fired Up collection (these photos were actually also taken last fall, still have a backlog of posts!). It’s a beautiful, dark glowing burgundy wine red shimmer. It’s not so dark that it ever looks black, and there is a hint of an orange flash to it in the bottle, that doesn’t really show up on the nail. Gorgeous colour, though!

Orly Smolder

This is two coats (plus topcoat), and the formula is great, no complaints at all.

Orly Smolder

This mani was a couple of days old when I took the photos, so if you click to look at the full size photos you may see a few scratches on the surface and some tip wear, but that’s just my usual wear and tear.

Orly Smolder

This one is *almost* as awesome as Flicker, my favourite from the Fired Up collection!

Orly Smolder

One last pic, under my Ott Lite:

Orly Smolder


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  1. Did you use a ridge filler for these pics? Your nails look perfect! (PS if you did use ridge filler.. what brand? I’m desperately searching for a good vegan ridge filler!)

    • Thanks! I’m hoping to grow my nails back to this length soon once I grow out a few peelies. 🙂 I’m honestly not sure if I used ridge filler – unfortunately I didn’t write down which base coat I used, and it was late last year that I did the mani. I know I did use some sort of base coat, though. Usually when I use ridge filler it’s China Glaze, which I like a lot. I haven’t tried very many to compare to it though. I think the only other one I’ve used in the past is Zoya’s, but it has a pretty strong white tint which isn’t always what I want… The China Glaze is more of a nude/cream coloured shade. You probably know this already but steer clear of OPI’s ridge filler, it’s not vegan!

  2. beachgal said:

    Pretty – I am a sucker for shades like this – I could have one just like it and end up buying this one too!

  3. Oh wow, that is a gorgeous color!

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