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Today is my birthday and here is the polish I wore! It started out yesterday when my partner took me out go-karting and mini golfing as a surprise for my birthday! So much fun, but when I was taking off my seatbelt to get out of the go-kart, I messed up the nail polish I had put on that afternoon (of course, it was totally worth it! haha)

So later on at home, I took off the smudged polish and decided to put on an old OPI, “Nice Hand… Great Nails” just to see what it was like… Well, it’s very very sheer, and not really in a good way in my opinion. And this is coming from someone who likes sheer polishes that show visible nail line… Anyway, this one was a very sheer orange coral shimmer that looked about the same colour as the stains on my nails from the neon coral I was wearing the other day, so I wasn’t too impressed! (I guess I should have taken a photo of it anyway to show it, but I didn’t…)

I had only put on two coats, so normally I would have added a few more but I didn’t feel like staying up any later to let them dry and see if I liked the result any better. I was about to take it off and start over with something that I knew would dry quickly, but then I decided to try adding a layer of Ozotic 522, a coral holo. Magic! It turned out wonderfully.

Ozotic 522 over OPI Nice Hand... Great Nails

Two coats of OPI Nice Hand Great Nails followed by one coat of Ozotic 522, topped with OPI Designer Series top coat.

Ozotic 522 over OPI Nice Hand... Great Nails

It was recently announced that the entire Ozotic 500-series is being discontinued. The 500-series includes a lot of great holographic and multichrome polishes… the good news is that they’re all on sale right now until they’re sold out! So I just “had” to get a bunch of them while I still could, and 522 is one of the ones I got.

Ozotic 522 over OPI Nice Hand... Great Nails

They’re sold online from Picture Polish in Australia, Harlow & Co., Overall Beauty and Llarowe in North America, as well as some other sellers in other countries. If you want some, best to get them now while they’re still around!

Ozotic 522 over OPI Nice Hand... Great Nails

Hopefully Ozotic is only discontinuing them because they’ve come up with something even more awesome that they’ll release soon! We’ll have to wait and see…

Ozotic 522 over OPI Nice Hand... Great Nails

Anyway, I really love how this mani turned out; orangey coral holo seems like a great birthday celebration colour to me! And it’s been a really nice birthday weekend with great weather and plenty of fun and relaxation. 🙂

Ozotic 522 over OPI Nice Hand... Great Nails

Bonus photo of Jasmine who has claimed the nail polish storage area lately! (Well, she takes turns with Fred.) Here she is lying on top of the Ikea Helmers! I think they like them because the metal surface is nice and cool in this hot weather…

Jasmine on Helmers


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  1. That is the prettiest manicure; you certainly saved the day (your birthday!) with the Ozotic! Happy Birthday, and many, many more ^^ ^^ ^^ 😉 And Jasmine is a beautiful cat! Does she have blue eyes? I agree that cats find the coolest places in the hot weather and the warmest in cold weather.

    • Thanks, Sandy!!

      Jasmine has yellow-green eyes like her brother Thor who was in my last Soulstice Spa post. They’re 2/3 of a set of triplets; their other brother Oliver who is black & white lives with my ex. They were adopted when they were kittens from a feral colony that a friend takes care of. Jasmine is the most feral of the three; it was only a few months ago, after 5+ years with us, that I started to be able to actually touch/pet her sometimes! Just the other day I started brushing her (she’s getting matted, one summer she had to get shaved at the vet but I figured now that I can touch her I should try brushing), and she’s a bit nervous but she clearly likes it! yay! 🙂

      • Brushing her just might be the trick. She might love the feeling—it’s like scratching their back. Some of my cats love it; others won’t tolerate it. Cats! Charles Dickens said”What greater gift than the love of a cat.” Perfect quote in my opinion. Take care, Arlix. ^^ ^^ ^^

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful and gorgeous mani!

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