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Zoya June

I can hardly believe it’s already June! But since it is, I thought I’d post some photos of Zoya’s polish named June!

June is a light sheer nude beige with pink tones and shimmer.

Here it is in the shade:

Zoya June

Shown are three coats over a ridge-filling base coat (I think it was Zoya’s Get Even that I used).

Zoya June

In the shade the pink tones really come out.

Zoya June

The formula on this one is nice, not streaky at all; the three coats were only due to the sheerness and not any application issues.

Zoya June

And here it is in the sun:

Zoya June

In the sun the shimmer comes out and the colour seems less pink.

Zoya June

The shimmer is June is made up of tiny little fine shimmery flecks in a sort of opalescent silvery shade that reflect several different colours in the sun, as you can see in the bottle in this next photo.

Zoya June

June is nothing too flashy, but she’s a nice little polish!

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  1. This is so lovely and flattering, especially with your skin tone. I’m adding June to my ‘must have’ list, because my birthday is in June! No kitty pics today? ^.^

    • Thanks, Sandy! My birthday is in June too, one of the reasons I wanted to get this one!🙂 Sadly, no cats hanging around in the solarium the day I took these pictures…

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