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Zoya Codie

This is Zoya’s Codie from the recent fall Smoke collection. It’s a dark brown creme with a distinctly green undertone. I love the colour, but didn’t love the application quite so much!

I found that the formula was kind of thick, and had a bit of that thick-yet-runny thing going on. Shown in the photos are 3 coats, no base coat or top coat. It was streaky at one coat and there were still a few bald spots at two coats. I also got some bubbling. The bald spots and bubbles were probably due to not waiting long enough between coats. I need to remember to be more patient with Zoya cremes and let them dry for a few minutes between coats!

In sun:
Zoya Codie
In overcast natural light:
Zoya Codie

I do really love this shade though. I’ll definitely try it again with a bit more patience, I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end!

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