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Hi Jo,

Thanks for your inquiry!

Like many ingredients, guanine can come from animal sources, or chemically-derived/synthetic sources.  Ours comes from synthetics, but you are right!  Sometimes it is derived from fish scales, or even bird droppings.   Another really common one to look out for in cosmetics is “carmine” – it is a dye that can be synthetic, but commonly comes from insects as well.

There are many instances in bodycare products (moisturizers, soaps, etc.) where ingredients can be sourced both ways, so it can be important to check.

Thanks again and enjoy your day!


Kayse @ Soulstice

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Question about your nail polish
From: Jo Charlebois
Date: Mon, August 08, 2011 6:54 pm
To: customerservice(at)soulsticespa(dot)com

I’m confused by the nail polish ingredient list on your FAQ – your
web site states that the polishes are 100% vegan, and yet Guanine is
listed in the “may contain” list. Please explain? Guanine is made
from fish scales is it not?


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