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Lumineye (Ozotic)

From:   peterherring(at)lumineye(dot)com.au
Subject: RE: nail polish inquiry
Date: September 28, 2011 6:49:43 PM EDT (CA)
Cc:   cassie(at)lumineye(dot)com.au

Hello Joanne,

Thanks for your enquiry. We do not incorporate any animal based or tested
ingredients in our formulations. You mention pearl in your list, this is a
generic term for a lot of the Mica’s used in cosmetic products however I
believe you may be referring to actual mother of pearl type colourants. All
the colour effects we use are synthetic mica’s again supplied by globally
compliant manufacturers of these products.

We have a variety of formulas and as such provide specific ingredients lists
to clients based on the product they require.

Hope this helps and regards

Peter Herring

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From: Jo Charlebois
Sent: Friday, 23 September 2011 4:26 AM
To: peterherring(at)lumineye(dot)com.au
Subject: nail polish inquiry


I was wondering if you could tell me whether there is any animal
testing in the production of your nail polishes, either by conducting
or commissioning animal testing, or buying ingredients from companies
that do such things?

Also, wondering if there are any animal ingredients in any of the
nail polishes/treatments (such as guanine (CI 75150, 75170), pearl,
silk, keratin, carmine (CI 75470), etc)? If so, would you be able to
tell me which products? Do you have ingredients lists available?

Thanks very much!


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