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Hi Joanne

Here’s what’s in the OPI/Nicole database for Guanine. The last one is dated 2007; we stopped using guanine in new colors after that.

Dusk Over Cairo
Who Needs a Prince?
Nantucket Mist
Dulce de Leche
Yucatan if You Want
Cara Mia Crimson
Tutti Fruitti Tonga
I Get a Kick Out of Gold
Think About the Pink

You might notice that this is not 19 colors. That’s because there are some duplicate listings in the database. Duplicate listings occur because some of the guanine-containing colors date back to the days when we still used Dibutyl Phthalate and Toluene. So, both the old formula and the “green” reformulation would show up on a “guanine” search, giving 2 hits for the same color. Also, I found guanine in a few colors that were developed, but were never named, manufactured, or sold.

There might be some really, really old stuff that predates my computerized database (which only goes back to the year 2000). Anything that old is well past shelf life and unusable, so don’t worry about it.

Feel free to write back if you have more questions.

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First Name: Joanne
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Web User Comments: Hi, I was just reading a copy of an email online from OPI staff to someone who had asked about vegan products. In terms of nail polish, which is what I’m interested in, she said that all the new formulations are free of animal ingredients (e.g. guanine) but a few discontinued colours from years ago (she said 19 of all the OPI and/or Nicole shades in her database) used to have guanine in them. I was just wondering if you could tell me the names of those shades that were not vegan? I love OPI polishes and was looking at some older hard to find ones on eBay, and in case I do buy some I would like to know which ones to avoid due to non-veganness. If you could help me with this it would be very much appreciated!; Thank you,; Joanne
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Problem 1: Is it vegan lacquer ?
Solution 1: Yes. Our lacquer does not contain any animal ingredient and we do not test on animals, and we are registered with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). You can visit their web site; http://www.peta.org.

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