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Beauty Without Cruelty was one of the first brands to produce entirely vegan cosmetics and today I have swatches of my Beauty Without Cruelty polishes to show you. I only have four of them, and it just so happens that three of them are pink. For each of them, I have two photos in the sun followed by one in the shade. I didn’t use any topcoat for these photos.

Beauty Without Cruelty Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a light/medium pink creme, not bright but not too dusty. The formula was thin and a bit runny; this is two coats (three on my index because I messed it up).

Beauty Without Cruelty Sweet Pea

Beauty Without Cruelty Sweet Pea

Next, Pink Crush. This is a bright fuchsia squishy-looking semi-jelly polish. The formula was not as runny as Sweet Pea, and this was two coats.

Beauty Without Cruelty Pink Crush

Beauty Without Cruelty Pink Crush

Beauty Without Cruelty Pink Crush

Rich Plum is a rich shimmery purple. This one made me realize that these polishes don’t have mixing balls, as the shimmer was uneven in my bottle and I had to shake it quite a bit to get it distributed. Shown are two coats; this one can show very slightly visible brushstrokes and I recommend waiting a few minutes between coats to prevent dragging.

Beauty Without Cruelty Rich Plum

Beauty Without Cruelty Rich Plum

Beauty Without Cruelty Rich Plum
The last one I have is Geranium, a magenta-pink creme. The formula was thin but not runny, and this is two coats.

Beauty Without Cruelty Geranium

Beauty Without Cruelty Geranium

Beauty Without Cruelty Geranium

These polishes have a flat brush that is less wide than the OPI pro-wide brush. The BWC nail polish line is pretty basic; there are only about 15 colours, but the polishes, brushes and bottles are pretty nice overall! I have two more of the shades on the way to me that I purchased from a blog sale, so I should have a couple more swatches to show once they arrive!

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Comments on: "Beauty Without Cruelty polishes" (10)

  1. These are all very yummy! It’s so nice when vegan polishes turn out like this. Makes me so happy!

  2. Oh, they are all so beautiful! Rich Plum is fantastic.

  3. So many pinks! Where can one find these?

    • Hi Lauren! I think some health food stores carry them, but I got mine online from a store called Lucky Vitamin where they were 8.50$ (if I recall correctly they’re clearancing them, I think I saw them on another vitamin/health/beauty website for 12$ too) which is a lot better than the “suggested retail” price of 16.95 – I like them, but I don’t think I’d pay that much for them! ;)

  4. Hi Arlix,

    Long time no write! How have you been?

    I am not much of a pink fan, but I love blues and purples, so the plum shade is my favorite of these. I read the above comment on where you purchased these; I live near several health food stores that also sell beauty supplies like shampoo, moisturizer, and some cosmetics. I will have to look for BWC polishes there.

    Take care. By the way, no kitties in your posts lately. What’s up with that? LOL >^.^<

  5. Haha, I just love seeing you discuss the how much you’d pay for the polishes. China Glaze-polishes are about 4 dollars in US, in Sweden we have to pay like 15 dollars for them! Insane. Can’t wait to visit US or Canada so I can buy cheap polishes ;)

  6. I’m so happy I found this blog! I’m very interested in cruelty-free cosmetics, and the Vegan Nail Polish Resource section has been absolutely useful to me! Although we don’t have access to all listed brands in our country (Chile), some of them are very easy to find, like essence, China Glaze, OPI and even Kleancolor…
    Thank you for the information and tips, vegan greetings from Santiago!!!!

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